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Tina Blackledge

A little girl sits upon
a concrete porch shaded
by a corrugated fiberglass roof.
The rain drops come in sheets
creating a delightful percussion performance. 393 more words

Building Self Confidence

Someone asked me an advice on how to dress well, I talked to her, we had our conversation and on the last part, I told her to just be confident. 925 more words


Walking Despite the Fear

Hope is a fragile thing. It’s the most delicate piece I’ve been trying to hold on to for several years. With each hope I’ve planted and each hope I’ve cultivated, I watered what I hoped would grow into two difficult, almost impossible, things: faith in myself and faith in others to have faith in me. 553 more words


5 Ways to Destroy Your Child's Self Confidence

Here is an article I wrote that was published on Family Share March 8, 2014. It was viewed over 6,500 times in 4 days and shared over 1,000 times. 7 more words


Creative Genius

Flicking through some old photos I came across this one of me aged 4. Curiously I am using my left hand. These days, “thanks” to an old fashioned  school teacher  I am right handed. 388 more words

On My Mind

The Definition And Importance Of Self Confidence

Self-confidence may be defined as the confidence you have in yourself to accomplish certain tasks in your life. These tasks may be simple tasks at your home or very complex tasks in your field of work. 567 more words

The Trivedi Effect®

How To Build Self Confidence?

Confidence can’t be learned from anywhere because it is not something like a set of rules. It is just a state of mind that can be built internally. 577 more words

The Trivedi Effect