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I have a friend

I have a friend that insults me every single day.

Most days, she tells me I have shit hair and that I am stupid.

Other times she’ll comment on how ugly I am and that my boyfriend will go off me. 191 more words


By Shell Lessen

Big Bear Lake, California obviously does not measure up in size to the monstrous metropolis of nearby Los Angeles. But it’s a giant of joy for many disabled people who find kindness, understanding and fun, while learning ways to cope with very serious physical problems. 645 more words


DCCCLXXXVII-Are You An Introvert?

Have you ever been to a Toastmasters club?

It is surprising to me that during four years of a university education earning a Bachelor Of Business Administration with a concentration in International Business, I never had a class in public speaking. 151 more words

Day 4

“I learned how to summon, from somewhere deep within, the extra will I didn’t know I possessed.

Knowing it was there, and could be tapped again, gave me the boost of confidence I would rely on for years to come.”

41 more words

Staying the Course

Sometimes even the people we love either can not or will not support us in our pursuit of our dreams.

It is easy to believe that our family and friends will be our loudest cheerleaders. 393 more words

Building Self Confidence

Liberate yourself – Go out and do what you like! – How long it has been since you last went to have a walk among the pines – something that you loved as a child? 752 more words


Tips to Build Self-Confidence

Wednesday morning.

I feel weary and overwhelmed.

I don’t have much time for reflection or recuperation as I hop on the treadmill of my daily life. 97 more words