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Free workshop: How guided meditation can help with stress

Meditation & mindfulness are the buzzwords of the decade, but sometimes it can be difficult to get started.

At this talk I will share how guided meditation works and how it can help you deal with stress. 52 more words


A hypnotherapy case study

I am often asked how life coaching and hypnotherapy can help with life situations, so I thought I’d start a mini-series of case studies for illustration purposes. 537 more words


Snow Tires and Self-Confidence

Day 90 — They have been predicting a massive blizzard all week.  Reports range anywhere from six to sixteen inches of snow, with winds up to forty miles per hour. 813 more words


6 Helpful Ways To Boost Your Self-Confidence

Do you want to feel super confident and sail through life with ease, doing the things YOU want to do? I know I do and I can honestly say that being confident is definitely at the top of my list. 943 more words


Before Building the Dream

Everyone wants to live their dream but only few individuals actually live to make their dreams a reality. The first step in the process of creating your dream life is deciding where to start. 442 more words


How to Build Self-Confidence...

Self-confidence, the combination of self-efficacy and self-esteem, is an essential part of humanity. Self-efficacy is the internal sense, or belief that we can accomplish a variety of tasks or goals throughout life. 1,725 more words


Is Work Experience Worth It?

Nine months slogging through one year of your degree can feel more like nine years at times. One bad week slips past and before you know it you’re neck deep in readings – most of which barely feel as though they are written in your native language. 1,064 more words

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