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On democracy, and good governance, and all that

In the past few days I have exercised my member’s right to vote for board members of both Leeds Building Society and MEC, the Canadian outdoor equipment cooperative retailer (if you’re asking, I’ve been a MEC customer a number of times while visiting Canada). 88 more words


Money money money ...

There was a time when Joe Public had a fairly neutral attitude towards banks – they exist, they do a  fairly straightforward job reasonably reliably, end of story. 242 more words


sign of the times

Nationwide Building Society has been on a mission – to put the customer first. Who hasn’t, I hear you say.

So, what have they been up to? 214 more words

Identity revisited

I have long had it in for the name change approach favoured by many of our largest and supposedly most respected organisations. Not just because it is discriminatory toward specific groups – of which women are far and away the largest: but because the approach does not make sense in terms of any form of security. 1,235 more words

Time for a portfolio health-check

The View from the Manor;

Once a financial plan has been put in place, it is tempting to believe the paperwork can simply be tucked away in a drawer and forgotten. 374 more words

Personal Finance

ISAs Enter a New phase

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs) enter a new phase from 1 July 2014. At present, ISA contributions for the 2014/15 tax year are capped at £11,880. The entire amount can be invested in a stocks & shares ISA, or up to £5,940 can be saved into a Cash ISA. 441 more words

Interest Rates