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Old Bank Drive-Through 20

June 18, 2018

I took this photograph more than a month ago and almost forgot about it. These are fallen forsythia blossoms.


Books Bound In Human Skin, Commercial Pot and Bad Vaudeville, Among Other Things

Flight MH370 Solves 140 Year-Old Mystery of Vanishing Ships On The Independent, Tom Barnes writes about how the survey of the Indian Ocean for the still-missing Malaysian Airlines flight accidentally discovered two ships lost in the 1870s and 80s. 249 more words

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re: decolonial ways of knowing from a queer hemispheric text

Approaches to addressing climate change that are unconcerned with its racial and colonial implications will ultimately perpetuate them. Attempts to absorb environmentalism into capitalism and neocolonialism can never address the forms of racial violence that emerge as ecological destruction…Gómez-Barris’s book begins to do this work…offers a glimpse into what kind of world may be possible through the everyday practices and knowledges of submerged perspectives… 26 more words

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