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Roundup 8-28-2015


Downtown – We’ve Seen This Before

Channel District/Ybor – Stifling Development, Just Because

Economic Development – Well, That Is Something

Transportation/Planning – Past As Prologue and Possibly Present… 5,787 more words

Economic Development

Designing cities for people: Rasmus Frisk at TEDxUWollongong 2013

A 15 minute TEDx talk from an architect who learned to put his ego aside and look more at the spaces between the buildings, and why it’s not just about designing ‘cities for people’ (top-down), but inviting those people – including kids and teens – to be co-creators of their own living environment. 8 more words

Built Environment

Roundup 8-21-2015


Economic Development – It’s Not Horseshoes

Transportation – More Muddle

USF – Med School Achievement and the Hype

Downtown – Goings On

Downtown/West River/Hyde Park – Moving Forward… 6,047 more words

Economic Development

The history of separation

It is now general knowledge that we are using resources much faster than than world can replenish.  But what is causing this vast use of resources.  974 more words


RIP Prabhakar Bhagwat

We have lost PBB. There are no words that will do justice to all his work and all our emotions.

Last rites: Today at Vadilal Sarabhai Crematorium, 7.45 pm. 34 more words

Built Environment

Roundup 2015-8-14


Port/Channel District/Downtown – The Big Reveal

Transportation – More on TBX

Transportation – Waffles

Transportation – PTC Stands Firm . . . Against Almost Everyone… 4,989 more words

Economic Development