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Risks And Rewards Of A Business.

In previous posts we have written about how many people love to start their own business. Have you wonder why is that? Well the answer is not the same for everyone but there is a common answer. 578 more words


Madonna defeats IS

Thank you Madonna and all others that let life go on the day after the terrible attacks. One should not let fear take over, one has just to increase security and be more alert. 54 more words


4 Ways To Rebuild Your Life

Life is a journey. You start somewhere and someday you reach the destination. If your happy with your life that feels just great. But that is not the case for many people. 715 more words


4 Reasons That Your Dreams Never Come True.

Dreams and hopes take you to a better world, there where peace mean peace and you nearly touch the skies. That’s the feeling. Dreams keep you going. 519 more words


Keep your chin up

Focus on what really matters, select your friends wisely and keep your chin up. These little changes makes a hugh difference on how your day goes. 86 more words


CEO Rents Own House to Pay Employees $70,000


As wage inequality continues to worsen in today’s difficult job market, one CEO has startled the corporate world by implementing a minimum $70,000 salary for his entire staff. 521 more words