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Minecraft Modding: Bukkit vs Forge

Minecraft allows third party developers to create Mods that extend the gameplay of Minecraft. You can choose between Bukkit and Forge.


When I enetered the modding world, I had a server I shared with family and Bukkit was the platform of choice on that server. 242 more words


Bukkit or Spigot?

Here’s an unbiased opinion predicated on experience of testing both, in the event you are seeking to decide between routine Bukkit or Spigot for your server. 384 more words


[Update 003] Waiting

I’ve been so long waiting for minecraft spigot to come out in 1.8 version. I need to update my minecraft server. I went on the spigot beta test server one day it looked awesome! 101 more words


First Plugin! - Easy to understand Bukkit Plugin Tutorial - For Dummies

Welcome to a quick and easy tutorial on creating your first Bukkit plugin.

Before you start this, I recommend a small amount of Java knowledge however it is not required that you are advanced in Java. 2,105 more words


The future of "bukkit" and thereby also "spigot" and "cauldron" (Minecraft server distributions)

There have been many speculations about whether or not bukkit will die and thereby also all the other servers that use its sources. I simply would like to reply with what Mojang (or rather its lead designer for MC) has to say about the matter: 66 more words


A Great Way to Start Learning More Java

It was a couple of years ago (from this time) that I endeavoured to learn Java, for the sole purpose of coding for something that I wanted to be a part of; … 267 more words


Power up S*itstorm

Wow, been so long since I’d done my censoring thing. or so it feels anyway. I hope the title censor format is consistent.

Anyway onto the real post. 303 more words