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Knee deep in shit.

Councillors did not restrict themselves to embarrassing the citizens of Aberdeen at home and in Europe. We did long distance humiliation too. Another of our Twin Towns (we had five) was Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. 1,506 more words

AWA on the RISE

 Hip Hop in Zimbabwe draws inspiration from the East Coast of America. Similar to the East Coast, Zimbabwe’s hip hop scene has seen the rise of female artists that have diversified the sounds of the industry. 270 more words

Student Projects

Zimbabwe: The 99th Country

Barbed wire fences surround the narrow road. Crumbled, they have now relinquished the relevance of its main function to the weather of the hot plain. The asphalt is broken and at times sinks over the sandy terrain. 1,775 more words

Living the dream: How I adventured Zimbabwe...

Folks, Happy new year! This is my first article in almost two months and for now, am pacified after some phenomenal 32 days of adventure and the subsequent two weeks of university exams. 1,803 more words


The Baron of Bulawayo

I notice that Marshall’s website has been revamped. Browsing through I rediscovered some paintings I hadn’t given a close enough look in the prior iteration of the website. 26 more words


Album: Cal Vin - Revenge Of The Vin (Side A)

That Luveve boy, Cal Vin, has finally dropped the first half of his double album Revenge Of The Vin which has two sides, Side A & Side B, over the weekend he dropped 12 tracks Side A of it, link below for free streaming, downloading & sharing. 57 more words


Why its so difficult making friends in my city!

I was born and breed in the small city of Bulawayo and to be frank, not much happens in my small little city. It’s the type of city where there is only so few hang out spots and where if you happened to cheat on your partner, well it would be on the 8pm national ZBC news. 895 more words