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"Kaylites to go ...do sit-ins rather than take aways"

GOVERNMENT is in process of banning the use of kaylites, food plastic containers, as they have become one of the major sources of litter across the country. 505 more words


The Life and Times of Alistair Martin part 3

The Life and Times of Alistair Martin – Part 3

 By Kathy Martin….

Writing Alistair’s story has given me a new lease on life – he has now reached 1974!  2,825 more words


“Dark Messiah” by Philani Amadeus Nyoni

Raindrops descended in brisk staccato like a hail of arrows from a vast column of archers. The streets were flooded to biblical proportions, yet no holy man pious and true had been forewarned, bade to build an ark and pair up beasts. 3,060 more words

Deco, Catering & Wedding Gowns

It is difficult to measure the size of informal busines sector in Zimbabwe just as it is the same for the taxman and ministers who are now seeing a source of revenue through taxes. 458 more words