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May 25, 2015 at 02:08PM

Blacksmith Plover, (Explored), Vanellus armatus, White Faced Whistling Duck, Red-billed Teal, Aiselby Farm, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe by Jeremy Smith Photography

A gathering od waterfowl at one of the ponds on Aiselby Farm in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

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Dreams and Cars: A Short Tale of Woes, Wars and Wires

Edmond Sanganyado recalls making wire cars as he grew up in Zimbabwe.

Edmond Sanganyado | Dreams and Cars: A Short Tale of Woes, Wars and Wires | May 2015 | … 6,967 more words

Gospel Centered Life

Woman Leaves Childhood Church Because 'Anointing Oil is Cheaper'

Florence Chirwa shocked congregants last Sunday at her childhood church when she declared from the pulpit that she was leaving for a church that sells anointing oil. 148 more words

Ugandan Judge Arrested for 'Showing Too Much Skin'

Christine Namuyange, a Ugandan judge in the district of Mubende, is the latest victim of toughening conservative laws in the East African country. She was arrested two days ago and her bail has been set at US$200 000 while she awaits her June 24 trial. 204 more words

Common Sense to be Made Compulsory at 'O' Level

In an unprecedented move, government has moved swiftly to introduce ‘Common Sense’ as a subject at ‘O’ Level. A ministry of education representative has confirmed the development, which she says has been in planning for four years. 127 more words

Man Mulls Over Laying Off Wife

A Bulawayo man has been under so much financial strain that he is considering laying off his wife. Inspired by Meikles’ decision to lay off many of its workers due to the tough economic environment, Simbarashe Ndou is ready to let Sihle Mwale go. 181 more words

B-Metro Reporter Caught in Compromising Position

In an incident that has sent tongues wagging, a B-Metro reporter was last night caught in a compromising position in a secluded spot near a Tshabalala supermarket. 207 more words