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Melnik - one hike

The hike between Melnik and Rozhen Monastery is truly breathtaking. The Monastery itself is quite traditional and wasn’t an environment I personally felt comfortable in, but the views on the hike between the two sites were spectacular. 53 more words


Roadtrip: Lovech - Gabrowo - Kalofer - Troyan/Trojan

My friend knew that I would love to experience the Bulgarian customs of the 6th January and since she and her family also never had experienced the spectacle, they planned on going on a small road trip through Bulgaria. 797 more words

Inside Europe

Behind You

Why do we go way too far to find beauty? What about the hidden paths of our homes and souls?

Why do we shoot for the Moon when there’s a whole universe inside us and all around? 65 more words


Melnik - one tiny city, one view and lots of red wine

I am now in Melnik, on the sunny side of the Pirin mountain range! This tiny cluster of houses is very close to the Greece border and is (apparently) the smallest city in the world. 152 more words


Bulgaria Thinks That Reviving South Stream Will Make It More Strategic

Sofia is proceeding from the assumption that any de-facto revival of the South Stream pipeline would make it a pivotal player in the New Cold War, and contrary to most people’s initial reactions, Moscow might actually be interested. 1,072 more words


HILL01: Ivaylo.

When you’ve been given, you have been served and that is something to hold on to! Especially when there is a new chapter opened as in HILL. 248 more words