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My Injury Hell - Herniated/Bulging Disc - My recovery

The aim of this is to help me track my progress through rehab and to give updates as to what I’m doing, how I’m doing it, what’s working and what’s not. 3,392 more words

Bulging Disc

Craven Chiropractic in Land O'Lakes FL, Offers Safe Solutions for Bulging Disc

Back pain? It is often caused by bulging discs – and Craven Chiropractic offers safe, natural relief without drugs or side effects.  

Back pain is the most common cause of disability in the US – and bulging or herniated discs is one of the most common causes of back pain. 287 more words

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Dawn of a New Day

The sun crests on the horizon spilling its orange glow across the field outside of her dining room window. She sits in silence sipping a steaming hot cup of freshly brewed coffee. 654 more words

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How Sufferers of Bulging Disc Find Relief with Land O'Lakes Chiropractor

Traditional versus Natural

The doctor says your back pain is due in part to a “Bulging Disc.” This term wears a few different hats, such as a blown spinal disc, herniated disc, and a pinched nerve. 575 more words

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Remembrance Day! Let’s come back to that!

Don’t get excited, not in the way we would wish!

I also learned about Morphine as a form of pain relief! 538 more words

Hell On Wheels

Understand Available Options For Bulging Disc With Land O Lakes FL Chiropractor

The back is one of the worst places that you could possibly feel pain. Your spine supports your entire body, so when it is not functioning properly, it can affect your life in very profound ways. 327 more words

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