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Yoga for life

My iyengar yoga journey with my teacher Eng Kiat at Balancing  Rocks Yoga started since end April 2017 (yes! the same time I was searching for natural alternative to heal my AS). 55 more words


Northern, NJ Bulging Disc Pain Relief: Bulging vs. Herniated Disc

Your spinal discs are basically fluid-filled sacs that act as a cushion between each vertebra in the spine. These sacs consist of a soft, jelly-like core protected by a tough yet flexible outer shell. 77 more words


Herniated Discs -- Part III

OK, I’m back! Sorry it took me a bit to get this third installment to you. We had just been talking about the basics of healing an injured disc — rest, walking, no sitting, and acupuncture. 564 more words


Curhat: LBP dan MRI Pertama

Jadi gini, mau curhat sebentar boleh ya…udah berjuta-juta tahun, dari jaman kuliah aku nih udah sering sakit punggung (lower back pain) tapi selama ini nggak pernah dicek karena belum terlalu mengganggu. 492 more words



Back In 2010, I had a severe neck injury (yoga-backbend, not my finest hour) that caused quite a disc bulge between the fifth and sixth vertebrate of my cervical spine. 1,633 more words


Back pain and Bulging Discs

Lets talk about the back..

You’ve probably heard someone say they have slipped, herniated or bulging disc, but what exactly does that mean?  In your spine your discs are located between each back bone (vertebrae) in your body. 87 more words

Physical Therapy

What I've Learned About Sciatica and Herniated Discs - Part I

Exactly one year ago, I developed sciatica.  I’ve now overcome it, with no shots, no surgery.  As a health care practitioner, I already knew quite a bit about  646 more words