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What Is Decompression by Rockville Medical and Disc Center

Decompression Therapy is a state-of-the-art computer controlled treatment for herniated or bulging disc in the cervical or lumbar spine.
1. It provides a stretching to the disc and relaxation all controlled by the computer which creates a pumping mechanism within the disc. 70 more words

Sciatic Pain Natural Remedies

Sciatica comes from nerve pains radiating from an irritated or damaged sciatic nerve; this nerve feeds the legs. Sciatic pain can be throbbing, aching, or shooting. 779 more words

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Bulging disc - About disc herniation and treatment options

Bulging disc, Disc herniation

You or someone you know has most likely used terms like disc bulge, disc herniation, blew a disc, slipped disc or ruptured disc at some point in your life. 1,622 more words

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Surgery for me

It has been some time since I have posted and quite a bit has happened. I have had an injured back for a while, too much bad posture and carrying things the wrong way equals two bulging discs in my back. 145 more words


Welcome to my blog!

A first blog post is probably the hardest part about starting a blog. What do I say (especially when I have no readers!)? Normally a writer has a goal in mind. 430 more words

Chiropractic Care and Sciatica

“I found Dr. Laura about 3 ½ months ago and within the first treatment I felt relief. Now the leg pain is completely gone, I have increased range of motion in my back and neck, I don’t wake up in pain every day and I can now do most things I had to avoid before. 497 more words

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For the last 5 months, my back has been angry at me. Every time I sit too long or bend the wrong way, my pain flares up. 210 more words

Bulging Disc