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What an Enormous Pain in the Neck

As my wife will attest, I have a habit, nay, a gift, for injuring myself in stupid ways.  Blew out my knee paddle-boating, 2nd degree burns on my hand from steam coming out of a lobster pot, minor neck injury from staying in the same position too long playing video games, etc.  940 more words

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Eric Wood's Neck Injury

Disappointing news coming out of One Bills Drive Friday with the sudden announcement of C Eric Wood retiring from the NFL after nearly a decade. The cause of his retirement appears to be related to neck issues that were discovered during a routine end of season physical intended to assess issues players made need to address in the off season. 1,498 more words

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Bulging and Herniated Discs - Houston Motorcycle Wreck Lawyer

The insurance company may deny a claim for herniated disc, classing the injury as a pre-existing injury.

Spinal injuries are common in car accidents and often require immediate hospitalization. 513 more words

Life with a Herniated Disc

I know this is kind of a different post, but it is an experience that has somehow changed me and I wish It will continue to change me for the better, so hopefully telling my story will motivate me to keep going or help someone who is in the same position I am because I know that when I was told I had a herniated disc and I looked things online, there weren’t many that would help me ease my mind. 801 more words


Lower Back Pain-Potential cause: Sciatica, Herniated Disc

Lower back pain describes pain in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is the spinal area below the rib cage. This area is prone to pain and injuries due to many factors, but most importantly due to lifestyle. 543 more words


Painless Treatment for All Types of Body Pain

When you suffer from body ache of all kinds, you must be looking for an alternate treatment apart from medicines. The process of surgery and drugs are too costly and may have side-effects causing uneasiness of the patient. 485 more words


Herniated Disc Update (September)

Five months ago, I shared about my herniated disc; My Herniated Disc Experience. As mentioned, my x-ray turned out unremarkable. Of course, even then, I was not surprised because 1. 429 more words

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