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Lower Back Pain-Potential cause: Sciatica, Herniated Disc

Lower back pain describes pain in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine is the spinal area below the rib cage. This area is prone to pain and injuries due to many factors, but most importantly due to lifestyle. 543 more words


Painless Treatment for All Types of Body Pain

When you suffer from body ache of all kinds, you must be looking for an alternate treatment apart from medicines. The process of surgery and drugs are too costly and may have side-effects causing uneasiness of the patient. 485 more words


Herniated Disc Update (September)

Five months ago, I shared about my herniated disc; My Herniated Disc Experience. As mentioned, my x-ray turned out unremarkable. Of course, even then, I was not surprised because 1. 429 more words

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Epidural Steroid Injection Experience

    If you’re anything like me, the term “epidural” makes me nervous. I’ve heard about epidurals given to pregnant women, and that it was fine or they barely felt a thing. 755 more words

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Yoga for life

My iyengar yoga journey with my teacher Eng Kiat at Balancing  Rocks Yoga started since end April 2017 (yes! the same time I was searching for natural alternative to heal my AS). 116 more words


Northern, NJ Bulging Disc Pain Relief: Bulging vs. Herniated Disc

Your spinal discs are basically fluid-filled sacs that act as a cushion between each vertebra in the spine. These sacs consist of a soft, jelly-like core protected by a tough yet flexible outer shell. 77 more words


Herniated Discs -- Part III

OK, I’m back! Sorry it took me a bit to get this third installment to you. We had just been talking about the basics of healing an injured disc — rest, walking, no sitting, and acupuncture. 564 more words