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Bulguksa, celestial land of the Buddha

In the whole of Korea the government has recognised just 317 National Treasures, cultural assets of the highest artistic and historic importance. It’s no surprise that the ancient Silla dynasty capital of Gyeongju is home to a significant number of them; more surprising is that seven National Treasures can be found in one place, the 8th Century Buddhist temple of Bulguksa, itself one of the most important temples in Korea. 459 more words


A Korean adventure

Other than a passing understanding of the Korean War, a little knowledge of Korean food, and a biased Western media view of Kim Jong Un (who I’m sure is charming when he’s not eating burgers while watching peasants starve to death), I didn’t really know very much about Korea, north or south.  1,019 more words


Korea Trip: The Bulguk-sa

After having a great experience in Busan, my friend and I headed to Gyeongju, the old capitol of Korea. It’s a bit of a cultural hub and has lots to see, but sadly we only got one day there before heading to Seoul. 1,059 more words


Discovering Ancient South Korea - Andong and Gyeongju

The beauty of Asian fall, a traditional folk viallage as well as the ancient capital of Gyeongju with it’s many Heritage Sites made me appreciating South Korea much more. 1,181 more words

South Korea

The Temple of Easy Balance

On a day of August heat and humidity, we went to find Gyeongju’s famous temple, Bulguk-sa.  A short bus ride out of town and we arrived at the site of the ancient temple.   521 more words

South Korea

Korean Thanksgiving and my visit to Koreas first capital city

This weekend was Korean Thanksgiving witch means that we got a 5 day weekend.  This would have been the perfect time to do some traveling, but we haven’t got paid yet which means we are broke, so we stayed around Ulsan.  874 more words