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I'm Sure You've Heard of Disordered Eating? 4 Kinds! Why & What You Can Do!

Disordered Eating is a “newer” buzz word, derived from eating disorders but reflects a less serious struggle with eating and food.

It means that your eating is out of balance and you are either over or under eating in a some disordered way. 37 more words


I feel like a statistic

I feel like a statistic

Whenever I hear news stories or read articles about eating disorders the first sentence generally has something to do with the number of people in a given country suffering from an eating disorder in a year. 165 more words

The Invisible Illness

My independent personality, although it can be a positive virtue to have, inhibits my ability to fall on others and admit when things are destroying me. 453 more words


Repeated Patterns in Eating Disorders – Some Words of Wisdom from a Success Guru….

Whilst I was looking for some resources and additional material for our upcoming Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop, I came across this article by Dr Henry Cloud – “10 Things Successful People Never Do Again”. 1,195 more words

Emotional Eating

Fuck It.

I can’t sleep. And I’m not sure why, it most likely has to do with today I did absolutely nothing today and the voices in my head are punishing me for it. 144 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Is there really an "Obesity epidemic?"

Okay today I am coing to you about Obesity. Yes that big scary work signifying somehwere no one wants to be as in todays society it is shameful. 178 more words

Eating Disorder

Beauty in Power

When I was a little girl I had a dream of being a great dancer. By the time I was eight years old I had stopped dance lessons because I was afraid that I would look fat in a leotard. 285 more words