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Loner By Anxiety 

1 – Isolated destiny.

Victim to a variety.

Maximised to tragedies.

Defiled by profanity.

Peripheries of insanity.

Disguised in duality.

Cutting to negativity.

Relapsing to recovery. 333 more words

The Bulimic Powerlifter - Part 1

I felt almost like a batter in the MLB. I imagined a player preparing to step up to the plate, performing a needless ritual that included the kicking of feet, wringing of hands, spitting, adjusting wrist wraps, and more, as if luck was brought on by movements unrelated to the current objective. 1,359 more words


Perempuan, Beauty Standart, dan Diet.

Perempuan dan Beauty Standart.

Tubuh yang langsing dan kulit putih adalah dua contoh society beauty standart untuk perempuan. Iya, perempuan yang memiliki kedua kriteria tersebut bersama beberapa embel-embel lain dianggap sempurna dan dianggap memiliki daya tarik ‘lebih’ di mata laki-laki. 618 more words


Falling Out of Love, ED Style

While my mind often turned to the failures of our relationship, I also knew that I couldn’t completely understand what it was like for Scott to live through my bulimia. 1,191 more words


On Healing

Note: Normally, I try to keep things lighter; this subject, however, cannot be treated lightly. Be prepared before you start reading, but make it to the end; the end is the message of this blog. 2,158 more words

Water Fasting

Brought up vegetarian, I had a reasonably good start in life compared to those on the Standard American Diet (SAD). I became a vegan in my twenties and a raw foodie in my thirties. 235 more words

Dawn Campbell (Author, Co-Author)

It Really Is A Process...

I cannot count the number of times I heard “I don’t have a magic wand”, “there is no quick fix”, or something along those lines from my therapist’s mouth over the three years I worked with her. 544 more words

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