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Fast forward 10 years, and here I am working for a global organisation in communications, whilst studying full time to complete my university degree. The degree that has taken me almost 5 year to knock off. 702 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

When your Nutritionist Weighs More than You!

Hero, Definition of: My Nutritionist.

My nutritionist is a rock star. Not just because she is an athlete, intelligent, kind, funny, amazing, etc… but because she is recovered from an eating disorder. 424 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

My friend B

Bulimia Nervosa. Most known to people as Anorexia’s poor cousin, or the ability to ‘read minds’ if you are a Zoolander fan (who isn’t a Zoolander fan!!). 436 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

The Beginning

hot mess


US informal

  1. a person or thing that is spectacularly unsuccessful or disordered.

    “this outfit is definitely a hot mess

Eventually we all have to start somewhere. 363 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

Dear Stigma

Dear X: The Secret X’s part 4……we live in a society that puts stigmas on certain conditions, illnesses, or afflictions we endure in this life. You can’t help it and you didn’t choose it. 193 more words


New Research Study, Significant Findings! :)

Weight loss does NOT = faster racing

Most people in recovery from an ED don’t own a scale and actually,  most treatment teams will suggest throwing that thing out the window. 399 more words

Bulimia Nervosa

Day 384

Wow, I suspected it had been a year since I started on my journey to be free of my eating disorder and it turns out it’s almost a year and a month! 466 more words