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i feel imprisoned; locked up; held together against my will. yet i feel like i’m in infinitesimal pieces, scattered everywhere and anywhere. the incongruence is creating a great tension within me. 49 more words


how do i even

all i can say, is that i am great distressed and perturbed. i can’t be okay with this. it’s gone on for far too long. everytime i’ve had a new HW, i’d loathe myself to the ends of the earth and give myself so much grief that i turn against myself. 162 more words



I don’t really know where to start so i suppose i’ll just go for it?

Im 20. Im female. I live in England. I study nursing at university. 513 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

Long needed update

Last time I posted I was going to uni to study law, although having doubts about my decisions in doing that. I have had ever since applying. 436 more words

Eating Disorder

On the Lack of Trust: the Calorie Issue

So anorexics count calories. Duh. Not all of them (us), but most do. Most of us obsess over numbers: calories, fat, protein, carbs, you name it. 343 more words


Fire in my belly

Mum thinks I get manic.

I’ll bet that’s what she’s thinking now.

Personally I just think I’m inspired.

Perhaps a little delusional,

but hey it doesn’t hurt to dream – and ask the questions. 125 more words


Two Deep Breaths.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m falling back into old patterns or if I’m just petrified eventually I will. To be honest I don’t truly know which one it is and in a sense I’m always waiting for the other shoe to come crashing down. 618 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder