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Reality's Rollercoaster

“We go up and down and all around.” 

6:43 am: The alarm rings. It starts to play the character from Jane the Virgin  Rogelio’s personal alarm. 987 more words

Chronic Illness

Medication Mania

“I’m basically the Energizer bunny driving around the mountain with no fog lights on.”

Things are getting kinda… weird. 

I’ve recently been prescribed a new medication and so far, I’m not sure its been working quite they way my doctor wanted it too. 344 more words

Chronic Illness

Bringing Clarity To My Eating Disorder(s)

This is my safe space, where I do whatever the fuck I want. Sometimes, I write eloquently and in full sentences, and sometimes my writing becomes a pure stream of consciousness, which can be identified by the increased use of swear words and italics. 1,000 more words

Mental Health

Excerpt of 9 Ways to Normal

I have decided to post an excerpt of my book to give all of you a sample of what is to come with this story and to whet your appetite for the rest. 1,686 more words

I'm A Real G

Okay. So maybe I’m not G, but my biomedical ethics grade will be this semester.

Things have been not so great lately. They’ve actually been really hectic. 171 more words

Chronic Illness

Casey and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

A List of Things That Went Wrong Today (In Chronological Order):
  1. Got 2.5 hours of sleep last night
  2. Operated solely on coffee which left me with anxiety and tremors…
  3. 411 more words
Chronic Illness

My Brain Hurts Tonight

There is darkness in me.

It hurts. It pushes against my skull, a visceral pulse of mental pain. I feel it inside my chest and throat, where bugs dance against my flesh, and trapped insects crawl up and down. 549 more words

Mental Health