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(Yet Another) NHS Battle

(Or: At Home – Day Sixty-Three)

Today has been one hell of a day.

My care co-ordinator called. The psychiatrist won’t review my case regarding Tier 4 care. 347 more words


I’ve created this blog, not to encourage unhealthy eating habits, not to receive your pity or sympathy and definitely not to attract attention but rather to document my progress and hopefully be a person you can relate to if you yourself are struggling with bulimia nervosa. 1,167 more words


Things are Getting Ridiculous

(Or: At Home – Day Sixty)

I can’t get through a day without somehow bickering with my partner, and I don’t know why. It feels like every conversation somehow ends in misunderstandings, or miscommunications, or general temper snapping, or sulking. 112 more words

Handling Dissociation

(Or: At Home – Day Fifty-Eight)

Not to sound too overbearingly pretentious, but my life has become a Dali painting. Everything’s blurring, dripping, and I have no sense of time. 218 more words


(Or: At Home – Day Fifty-Seven)

I’m losing time. Just little things, little bits, but I can feel it. It’s usually the harbinger of worse things to come, but I’m going to remain optimistic because why the fuck not. 43 more words


(Or: At Home – Day Fifty-Six)

I feel like I’m floating through time. It doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. I’m partly just heavily dissociating. 103 more words


(Or: At Home – Day Fifty-Five)

Slammed a heel today during a very inelegant fall in aerial and I’m reasonably sure I’ve bone bruised it, as it hurts like a son of a bitch, so that’s fun. 170 more words