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I don't want things to be different, just worse

I’m struggling at the moment, lately, still, always, of course I am, because what else would I be doing if I wasn’t struggling? The depression is back with a vengeance, anxiety tells me I’m going to die every time I catch public transport, suicidal ideation has been bad, self harm urges have been bad, the binge-restrict-exercise cycle that characterises my bulimia has been very, very bad. 613 more words

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The human behind the eating disorder

I can’t remember when exactly it was that I started to feel depressed. The exact moment when darkness and hopelessness weighed me down is not a moment that I can remember. 1,525 more words

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Eggs For Breakfast

My eating disorder, who I named Ana, (even once my diagnosis became bulimia) took a lot of things from me. She took my memories, she stole precious experiences, friendship, smiles and joy. 185 more words

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Reasons to Recover

I was thinking about my eating disorder, as I do, as I always do. I was ruminating, remembering the sensations of anorexia. I remember, even as I try to forget, to force the images from my mind, the memories of bony reflections. 411 more words

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A Prayer

Near every day
a war I lose

Closest to a truce –
a finish line,
if you will –
so came new enemies

Tired of fighting, 83 more words

Acknowledging v. Accepting

From a logical standpoint, one might make this statement when trying to describe the relationship between acknowledgment and acceptance when speaking of trauma, mental illness, etc. 471 more words

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