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Does your teenager have trouble with overeating and binge eating? Some ideas from Andrea Wachter, LMFT

We interviewed Andrea Wachter, LMFT, author of Getting Over Overeating for Teens. The book is written for teens that struggle with overeating, binge eating and body image. 674 more words

Eating Disorders

The Amazingly Fit Fitness Guru

For many years, Patricia Moreno’s fans did not know that behind her successful TV fitness career, she had a secret. A really big secret. One fateful day, Patricia’s Producer wanted to know why her weight was bouncing around because putting on weight was not what television fitness celebrities were meant to be doing. 2,772 more words

Awesome Bulimics I Know

Legalize Food! For all parents, including those who have kids with eating disorders

Many of us walk around with food rules in our heads that we believe are based on science and absolute facts. Food rules are in the headlines every day. 1,030 more words

Eating Disorders


i can’t quite articulate what it is that i am feeling right now. but i feel quite dysphoric.

it feels like everything i am doing is wrong, despite knowing very well that they are indeed wrong or dysfunctional. 237 more words

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Eating Disorders – Tips for Recovery

A history of disordered eating behaviours can leave a person unable to accurately judge if they have a problem. They may also not be able to determine if they are at a healthy weight. 354 more words


ravenous hunger

all over again.

only the numbers matter.

almost forgot how it feels.

but i also forgot

how miserable it felt

to be imprisoned by… 15 more words

What to say if you are worried about your teenage daughter's weight gain

We live in a society that preaches that women’s bodies need to be thin, toned and tight, so it’s not surprising that parents often watch daughters’ bodies anxiously to monitor how well they will fit into the ideal body image. 690 more words

Eating Disorders