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Not too far gone

Perhaps I’m not as far gone as I think. I went to the grocery store for 5 items and spent 2.5 hours there. At first, I got a bunch of eating disordered related things, but then something changed. 123 more words

Mental Illness

What happens in bulimia, exactly?

What is it?

Bulimia nervosa is an eating disorder characterized by binge eating followed by purging. During the binge episode, the affected eats a large amount of food in a short time, and during the purge episode, they try to “get rid of it” by e.g. 540 more words

I'm sick, I think I'm sick, sometimes I think I get like this

Song of the day: “Think I’m Sick” – Icon For HireĀ 

Gained 0.9 kg between yesterday and today, as the fat failure I am. For a second I thought it was going well, but I guess I was wrong. 131 more words

Mental Health

It’s about time you realized you’re worth more then you think. Beauty is not measured in pounds; you are not reduced to your cuts and scars; you are not your symptoms.

You are not your pain.


June 21, 2016: Goals

I’ve caught up with all my uni work for the semester, a little bit after my peers but still, it is done! I did it (with help and support), I actually did it. 186 more words


Can't fix this - I'm hopeless

Song of the day: “I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead” – Set It Off

100.8 kg. I’ve lost 2 kg of water weight in 2 days, and I actually feel content with that progress today. 91 more words

Mental Health

The Kind Coach

Rana Olk is such a warrior. She’s been successful at everything’s she’s put her mind to but getting over bulimia’s been one of her greatest successes. 3,906 more words