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Bulimia Sucks

My body image is at rock bottom and I’m losing my mind about all of it, but hey, there we have it. I’m crazy. I will always be crazy, to a greater or lesser extent, but you know maybe, just fucking maybe, there’s a future for me where I’m crazy  74 more words

I'm OK

I had a really good day, actually.

Few drinks, saw my old uni supervisor who’s now a good friend of mine, watched my favourite Disney film and am planning to go to bed and have lots of sex. 86 more words


I can’t focus on anything other than the pain from my lower back teeth in my mouth. The ache is a brutal reminder that Bulimia comes with consequences and after eleven years those consequences are no longer things you hear about, but real. 114 more words

Mental Health

Participate in my cross-cultural survey.

Hi guys!

This isn´t like one of my regular posts; I am conducting a cross-cultural survey on the general perceptions of eating disorders and it would be great if you could participate! 25 more words


Body Image

Struggling with weight and body image things, but otherwise alright; I want to sleep for a long time, and wake up two stone lighter without all of my self-esteem issues. 20 more words

Drunk Wishful Thinking

I am drunk. I am lost.

Really I’m just melodramatic and tipsy stuck between a rock and a hard place. Over thinking life and no one next to me is a deadly combination that leads to instant sadness. 111 more words

Mental Health

Finding the Perfect in Our Imperfections

Lord knows that another issue with being chronically ill is the changes that you see with your body. Really? Another problem to add to the list? 1,212 more words

Chronic Illness