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Why I'm no longer vegan

Song of the day: “House of Memories” – Panic! at the Disco¬†

So I’ve been following a few threads in a Swedish Facebook group for vegetarians and vegans about why vegetarians aren’t vegan all day, and thought I’d explain here why I am no longer vegan. 249 more words


Picnic season

The impending Memorial Day holiday is the official kick-off of picnic season here in the U.S. For most people, picnics are joyous occasions filled with family, friends and food. 561 more words

Binge Eating Disorder

still here

i’m still here. i’m sorry for not posting. it’s just been a difficult period.

it’s a hurricane of emotions inside, and it has left me a mangled mess. 334 more words


mia's back

since i last wrote, i’d further cut even more on the upper arm that’s already riddled with cuts. i bought ciggies again, to keep myself away from shooting up. 583 more words


health wise, head wise

admittedly, the physical pain that often plagues me has lessened considerably. i rely much less on pain medications. and to be honest, although it’s a good thing and it is heartening, i am also afraid. 527 more words


Eating Disorders

There are a vast amount of eating disorders today in the world with Binge-eating being the most common one in the United States. People with a binge-eating disorder lose control over their eating. 299 more words


nothing is ok

i laid on my bed, door locked, trying to drown out everything with the tv. i bent over the bowl and retched and puked. i had a fight with my parents. 489 more words