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It Really Is A Process...

I cannot count the number of times I heard “I don’t have a magic wand”, “there is no quick fix”, or something along those lines from my therapist’s mouth over the three years I worked with her. 544 more words

Mental Health

Straight, No Chaser: When Eating Goes Wrong, Part II – Bulimia

If you read Part I of this conversation on eating disorders (anorexia nervosa), you will recall that eating disorders are a mix of an abnormal body image combined with abnormal behaviors that lead to medical consequences. 500 more words

Sterling Medical Advice

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders, among them anorexia nervosa (voluntary starvation) and bulimia nervosa (binge-eating followed by purging), occur frequently—but not exclusively—in affluent cultures. A disproportionate number of the diagnosed are young women in their teens and 20s, but the prevalence among young men has increased over the years. 281 more words

Anorexia Nervosa

A Day in My Life

There was something both funny and frightening about sitting in the unit’s day room, listening to one of the social workers talk about the pain that accompanied attachment. 1,665 more words



Here I am kneeling,

Trying to gain some perfection.

The stench of acid and food from today

Dances around my nose,

Asking for another surge through my body. 134 more words


I want to vomit 

I haven’t had that thought in a very long time.

I’m a recovered bulimic. I’ve never come back here to say that, but I guess it has only been recent times that I claim that with certainty. 309 more words

Dietitian Nutritionist with Bulimia? // My Eating Disorder Story

Dietitian Nutritionist with Bulimia? // My Eating Disorder Story

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