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So you’re interested in our products and ready to become a distributor? Great! If your organization, company, or group is looking to purchase items from us in bulk, we’re here to help! 138 more words


6 Strategies to Response Maverick Buying Model

What should be done by all procurement people in term of facing the maverick buying situation? As a procurement people, you need a comprehensive strategy to response this situation. 32 more words


Buying In Bulk


I’ve always thought that stores such as Tesco and Sainsburys can sometimes be a little pricey in regards to certain foods. But now my dreams of lower prices have come true with our new Makro shopping routine. 138 more words

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How To Not Suck... At Buying In Bulk

Like most folks, we here at Consumerist love a good deal. The problem is that sometimes stuff that appears to be a big money-saver is actually a big money-waster. 1,539 more words


How To Save Money At The Grocery Store

Everyone wants to save money while food shopping. For some time, there has been a persistent myth that it has been impossible to eat cheap while still eating well; quality and nutrition have always associated with high cost. 585 more words

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Giant Nutella Jar Isn't A Store Prop, It's A Crappy Deal

What would you do with five kilograms (11 pounds) of the glorious choco-hazelnut spread Nutella? Jeff assumed that this isn’t even a reasonable question, because the giant jar at his local grocery store couldn’t possibly be real. 229 more words

While making a bulk purchase be careful about the quality

The word Bulk Purchasing means giving orders in large quantities of a particular item. The particular item can be anything. It might be office chairs, corporate suites, computers or mobile phones. 343 more words