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Antifa communist

It seems that there in the U.S you just figured out that there
is a socialist/communist people.I specially like them. Fucking idiots
are still living in their mammas house. 121 more words

My Thoughts

jesus christ....

So is 12.37 a.m
and i have no end
let me begin….
12 p.m is what my morning bell,
that should be my hot woman wich I pay every month, 268 more words


Look Up for Photos of the Week

This week’s A Photo A Week Challenge is all about looking up, and my contributions to the prompt are pictures from San Miguel, Mexico, and Dublin, Ireland. 9 more words

Nadia Merrill

We went to see Ferdinand

Yep – Ferdinand.

He’s a BIG bull.

With a BIG heart.

And BIG baby blue eyes.

And he even tippytoes his way through a china shop. 166 more words

Steps For Peace


There’s been very little competition each Star Wars season ever since Alvin and the Chipunks: The Roadchip.¬† But Blue Sky Studios veteran, Carlos Saldanha, expanded upon¬† 656 more words



(spoiler free)

From the studio mainly concerned with releasing ‘Ice Age’ movies, Blue Sky Studios, comes a brand new animation entitled ‘Ferdinand’. Based on the children’s book, … 612 more words


Mard ka Dard: 5 Brutal Sports That Will Test Your Mardaangi like Nothing Else

So you do 50-kg sq lifts at the gym every day? Your benchpress record stands at an impressive 150 kg? Oh wait, did you squat 100 last night? 1,665 more words