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Ritual: the corner stone of society

By Sarah O’Brien

Ritualistic behaviour comes in many guises, from religious ceremonies and rites of passage to everyday greetings. Rituals are a feature of all human societies, appealing to tradition, offering purpose, and even uniting communities. 441 more words


5 Truly Brutal & Vicious Animal Attack Survival Stories

Trophy hunting, bull fighting, keeping a chimpanzee or other wild animal as a pet, all of that is not right in my book…~TS

Most animals are harmless and won’t intentionally harm humans, but if we provoke or intimidate them, they have shown in the past that they will do some serious damage. 47 more words


You Are Not Evel Knievel, A Cat or a Famous Matador

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Don’t become a national or international headline!

While on an off roading eco tour through the jungles of Mexico, keep in mind you are not Evel Knievel.   1,365 more words

The beautiful part of bull fighting

Bullfights have always been a symbol of Spain and, more particularly, of Andalusia. The bullfighting tradition as we know it nowadays was born here. Many of our guests visit the bull rings, not to a fights  but for the sake of feeling a bit more about an important part of Andalusian culture.Of course our neighbour Pedro has his own small bull ring where famous matadors train and bulls are being selected for their last 15 minutes….. 312 more words


Animal Abuser: Esperanza Aguirre

Below is a guest post by the animal and human rights activist and supporter of free software Luis Leonel.

The Spanish aristocrat, politician and headhunter, … 301 more words

Animal Rights

viva españa, part 2


They are stuff of mythical proportion, no?

I’d always heard about them. “Well in Spain, they take a break midday, maybe a little nap… you know. 1,610 more words

367. Toro Trouble

Wow, let’s start big, a snorting bull coming out of the chute, 2,000 pounds of kicking and bellowing beef pumped full of adrenaline and outrage. Boom! 1,073 more words

Absurd Theatre