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Watching the Sun Rise is Unproductive

An enormous gaseous globe rose from the sea’s end and illuminated my world in moments more beautifully than much I have seen, much as it has succeeded in so for eons, epochs, millennia, all of time and yesterday. 453 more words

stupid traditions are simply stupid

Over the past weekend, several men were killed in Spain. By running bulls. Most in the streets of Pamplona. And one in a bullring. 153 more words


The bulls run wild during the San Fermin Festival in Spain

 A runner is thrown by a Cebada Gago fighting bull at Estafeta corner during the second running of the bulls at the San Fermin festival in Pamplona, northern Spain. 6 more words


Victor Barrio: A new kind of death?


Should a person’s final journey between this life and the next be filmed and sent around the globe for all to see? In this post, I suggest strongly that it should not. 575 more words

Daily Prompt

The Spanish & Their Bulls

One of the stereotypes of Spain is, of course, that of bull-fighting. We’ve never been to Spain during the season but there’s a general agreement in the family that if we had the chance, we’d see one. 386 more words

Mediterranean Miscellany

And now a Matador is dead ....

Above photo is of the 28-year-old Matador Victor Barrio who was gored to death on Saturday

I am actually doing it! It’s the perfect blend of adventure and culture. 303 more words

Expect The Unexpected

Lines written in Pamplona

In the thick of the festival of San Fermines now.

A couple of dangerous and incident-filled bull runs the last two days. Reminds us that this is not a joke, and it reminded many of us of the way the bull runs used to be – before anti-slip coatings and better street surfaces. 301 more words