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Bull Dog label poster

Bull Dog label poster
Bull Dog
Randolph Marketing Co.
Grown In USA
Reg. By Randolph Marketing Co., 1923



The Age of Taurus

The bull, or taurus, in Latin, is a fabulous image which has inspired man from pre historical times.  I suppose that it is the muscular body of the bull, the way it bends its head down before charging and its fury and determination which has always aroused admiration. 171 more words

Guernica: Now and Forever

After almost 80 years, Pablo Picasso’s historic anti-war painting “Guernica” continues to serve as a lasting legacy about the indictment against war, a topic that remains  relevant in today’s society. 426 more words

Making Connections

Roz and Zippy

Early morning labor pains brought Zippy into the world about daybreak. Roz, one of our more mature cows, had Zippy easily and she had him cleaned off and ready to join the herd for breakfast. 11 more words


Digging Out

It’s amazing

What we need a shovel for in life.

To dig out of.

That stuff falls every where.


Life Chatter