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Camera angles with OpenCV

‘Just do me Bullet Time,’ Arkwood pleaded, ‘like Keanu in The Matrix.’

It was yet another pathetic attempt to woo Daphne, the plump spotty girl who works down the chippy. 307 more words


Max Payne is Painful to the Max

In the history of this blog, I’ve called a lot of movies “shitty.” Some of them might not have really deserved that. Some of them were probably “bad” or perhaps “average.” But if they pissed me off, I went for the “shitty” rating because they wasted my time. 911 more words



Superhot originally began as an entry from a 7 day FPS challenge during a game jam. The idea proved immensely popular that the team decided to try create a full game, relying on Kick-starter for the funds.   851 more words


Just One Ad - Khakis Swing

In 1998 Gap managed to be on the vanguard of TWO emerging trends; the late 90’s swing dance fad and a hot new special effect that would soon be scrambling our brains in The Matrix. 107 more words

Just One Ad

Turn an iPhone Into a Cheap Bullet-Time Camera With a DIY Centriphone

About a month ago, Swiss freeskier and youtuber Nicolas Vuignier impressed the internet with his clever concept for turning a smartphone into a slow motion video, bullet-time camera. 27 more words


Where is it now? Cobalt Edition

Cobalt from Oxeye Game Studio (www.playcobalt.com) is another perfect example of a game that has had a really long and drawn out development. So long, in fact, that I had completely forgotten about the game until looking back over my old blog posts. 457 more words