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Atonement With The Father 1

They writhe, I realise. Me moving through this molasses of clothes I have on, they, these bodies, writhe upon me too, so slowly they might not be moving until the pressure they apply becomes apparent, squeezing tighter. 370 more words



As I was checking out new indie games which I could play on my dying laptop, I came across SUPERHOT, supposed to be one of the most innovative game of last year. 418 more words


It Bites

It’s embarrassing to know that if I had seen Underworld at the age of 11 when it came out and I overheard some of the classmates I was desperately trying to be friends with say how cool it was, I would have loved it and thought “so awesome, man.” Instead, I am at the age of 24 when I have seen it for the first time in my life and know better than to fall for whatever faux-gothic slick leather cool wire-fu action flick comes out on the spurs of  830 more words

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