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Modern action movies: "Bullet to the Head"

Does growing old mean kicking any less butt? Sly Stallone doesn’t think so and shows it in Walter Hill’s action flick Bullet to the Head… 403 more words


Blink of an Eye

Something happened on the way to work today. Someone was shot and killed on the road, execution style. As a fan of the TV series  279 more words


Review: Bullet to the Head

Stallone returns to more self indulgence as he stomps around, growling and shooting every man he sees. Oh, and he reminds us that he’s old now. 423 more words


Bullet to the Head [2012)

I’m in this one.  Just had to get that out of the way up front. 

For some reason I didn’t expect this film to be particularly great, but it is surprisingly awesome.  192 more words

Guy Hamilton

Hard Times [1975)

Pauline Kael may have written about this film, but ultimately Susan Sontag’s recognition of Godard’s Vivre sa vie is more important to my philosophy of film criticism.  354 more words

Vivre Sa Vie

Bullet to the Head, Homefront, and Escape Plan

Bullet to the Head With Bonus Features


Sylvester Stallone wrote the screenplay for this movie and it stars Jason Stathem. Now for those of you thinking Expendables 2 off the bat, please remember that the Expendables series is designed to be as silly and cheesy as humanly possible. 262 more words

Abby Jones

Escape Plan (2013) Review

“You hit like a vegetarian!”

Finally. Schwarzenegger and Stallone in a movie together. Sure, they were in The Expendables together but not for very long and those movies, however awesome, were basically a big joke anyway. 545 more words