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This Gingham Cocktail Shirt by J. Crew is the closest I have gotten to a cocktail in over a month. I am still going strong on my new way of eating that I mentioned in… 208 more words

P D E - Day 30

Well I wish that I could say that things are going great but in fact they really aren’t going so great but that is to be expected considering what I’ve been doing…cheating on my PDE (Potato Diet Experiment). 1,613 more words

Not Giving Up

My energy crisis Part 2: Ketosis

I am not normal. I am not a person who can do things like:

-have things in the house that taste good


-eat a piece of bread without eating all of the bread and then everything else in a 30 mile radius… 682 more words

Nutrition Nom Nom

Sweet Potato Fries

Flojo’s Easy Detox Tip #6

Ok. I’m back in business. Made the decision, set some intentions and booked in some clients. And wow have I missed it! 272 more words


The Cost of Keto

When it comes to health, I would rather spend money on high quality food and supplements now than pay for expensive medical bills later. Of course, you might think this quite an idealistic view but I truly believe that by eating the right foods, we can considerably reduce our risk of illness and disease. 395 more words

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