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Biohacking Update: 10 months of Ketosis

For 11 months I have been experimenting with ketogenic versions of the Autoimmune Protocol (AIP).

11 months: 10 of them ketogenic.

Quick Summary

Last April I started the… 943 more words

Tweaking the Bestselling Diets

Starting in March’s issue of Oasis Magazine, I’ve decided to create a regular one page column called Nutrition 101 to feature my articles.  My goal with the column will be to take complex nutrition/health issues and try to strip away common biases and misconceptions.   823 more words


Where to begin?  Let me just remind you that I have some strange need to ask millions of questions and then write about everything I learn (share the wealth, right?…we’re all in this together).   1,222 more words

Ha. What Did I Say? Fad Diet Called "Bulletproof" Might Actually Be Onto Something.

Remember how in my last post I mentioned that we don’t diet in this family?  We don’t, and quite honestly I have never heard of a fad-diet that I thought was anything but a bunch of hooey, only interested in making money off of unsuspecting and well-intentioned-albeit uninformed-people.   472 more words

Bee Baby

Hot Vanilla Shake

I’m experimenting with using Dave Asprey’s fabulous Bulletproof Diet at the moment and am love, love, loving how it’s making me feel. Except for experiencing one very confusing emotion this week. 416 more words


As is Custom at This Juncture

It’s the beginning of the year. 2014 was ok, but whom amongst us doesn’t want this year to exceed last’s in every or at least some ways? 449 more words

Medical Mental Medicating

Mammoth Weekend

I am writing today to tell you about my first slip-up since wanting to become more bulletproof & eating within the guidelines of my new food panel. 325 more words