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Zombie Apocalypse Live Or How to Recover From Tax Day Part I

April 16th 2016, the night the zombie apocalypse fell, whether it was from some mutated strain of the Zika Virus or a disease spread through porta-potty toilet seats we did not know. 1,197 more words


U.S. Navy discovers abandoned lifeboat, destroys it during target practice

The U.S. Navy released a video on Monday showing sailors onboard the USS Momsen taking target practice on an abandoned lifeboat they discovered in the Pacific. 114 more words


Mod Makes Fallout: New Vegas' Combat SUPERHOT

(Source: kotaku.com)

Superhot is a shooter where time only moves at normal speed when you do. Thanks to a very impressive mod, so is Fallout: New Vegas. 115 more words


Officials: Individual Who Dropped Bullets In PA High School Was Trying To Cause Early Dismissal

EMMAUS, Pa. (CBS) — School officials say Emmaus High School remains on an exterior lockdown after bullets were found in a boys’ bathroom Monday morning. 63 more words


Let's Get The Lead Out

Sunday Morning and I’ve been sitting here thinking about guns and shooting again.

I remembered this morning that bullets have lead in them. —– I think we have to find a way to get the lead out of our bullets before some shooter gets themselves a case of lead poisoning and dies from it. 127 more words

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A moment, decision, fire shot
A hole, shock, blood spill

Tears, moans, nightmares
Scalpels, doctors, injectables

Critical, ventilator, death bed
Roses, almonds, farewell

Outcries, protests, condemnation… 27 more words

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