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Don't say I didn't warn you!

You want a big pond? Then you should build a pond, but if you saw how I spent the last 7 hours you would NOT want a big pond. 477 more words


My name is Duck-pyo Hong.

I’m students of Hoseo University.

My blog is about reptiles, amphibians and other animals.

The reason of Reptile blogging is my interest is rasing animals. 94 more words


I Touched A Python And A Tarantula!

Yesterday in STEM+, I touched a Python and a Tarantula! The Python felt kind of like a carpet and the tarantula’s legs were really hairy and scary. 63 more words


FREE GAME: Syndicate now On The House

Every month or so EA’s digital game service, Origin, gives you a free game with no strings attached.  Well… unless you count signing up for the service and downloading the client an “attached string”.   180 more words


Lower Maidenwater Canyon (North Lake Powell area, UT)

The remote Trachyte Creek drainage system—just east of Utah’s Henry Mountains and north of Lake Powell—comprises a flurry of narrow canyons, many thin enough to form slender slots. 901 more words


Bullfrog Bay slot canyon (Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, UT)

This sinuous slot canyon may not be the deepest, the longest, or the prettiest in central Utah. Visible from Bullfrog Visitor Center near the shores of Lake Powell, however, it may be one of the most accessible—and, for the non-boating types, the highlight of a visit to Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s Bullfrog district. 1,254 more words


02.16.2015 A little winter escape

I was just going through a bunch of images for the submission and came across this one.  I am not thinking of entering it, although I think there may be a frog involved, but thought it would bring a smile in the middle of winter. 28 more words

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