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On Dungeon Keeper

Yet another classic game I often played with joy was Dungeon Keeper, a strategy god game in which the player builds and manage a dungeon while protecting it from invading ‘hero’ characters intent on stealing the player’s accumulated treasures and killing various monsters. 664 more words

Video Games

Frog Porridge in Geylang - Kermit tastes like Chicken!

Frogs taste like chicken with firmer meat.

No really. Now don’t diss it until you’ve tried it. Here’s the operating principle for bizzare food in Singapore (at least) – don’t think, taste. 522 more words


28 April 2016

I got to spend some time in the morning pond-gazing. Little fish swimming in and out of light and shadow, and one enormous tadpole.

Daily Drawing

The Great 6th Grade Frog Jumping Contest

When I was a little girl, every spring and early summer I would fall asleep to the sound of peep toads.  In addition to the peepers, we had many other types of frogs in the area and I would look for them in the local ponds and play with them for a while before setting them free.   1,171 more words


2016.04.18: renewal

when spring rain pauses
scissor-tailed flycatchers show
bullfrogs sound their love
seeds scattered by last year’s winds
fulfill promise of colors


Bullfrog season opens April 15

April 15 marks one of the most stressful deadlines in America – tax day. It also marks the kickoff to one of the most exciting summer pursuits in Arkansas bayous, the opening of bullfrog season. 489 more words


Frog of the Week #4: Pixie Toad

Don’t let the fat fool you– the pixie toad, or African Bullfrog, can jump high and quickly enough to catch and eat sparrows. It’s the third largest frog on earth, weighing in at up to 2 kg or 4.4 pounds. 501 more words