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She wears galoshes. Green galoshes that are too big and rub her heels until they blister. She ignores the pain, continues walking into the water. He told her the water would be cold and dirty. 297 more words

02.04.2016 February Frogs

When I awoke at 4 this morning it was 55°.  Oh yeah, pretty much your average New England morning in the second month of the year.   59 more words

Nature Photography

Paintings...at Perrier Liquor

Horray! Paintings up (and available for purchase!!!!!). Since most of my recent paintings are custom portraits, I wasn’t able to have any of those awesome ones, but these are some others. 29 more words

Satellite Reign - final review

Satellite Reign is an isometric open-world real-time strategy (RTS) game that pays homage to the Syndicate games of the 1990s. I wrote an optimistic first impressions… 1,957 more words


Theme Hospital Review

Theme Hospital is a hospital simulation/strategy game released in 1997 by Bullfrog Productions. Though realistic in the sense that you are charged with becoming a successful hospital by way of profits and reputation first, curing patients second, the hospital you construct treats made-up illnesses, employs caricatures and features all kinds of comical tidbits (“Patients are reminded not to die in the corridors.”) Bullfrog, responsible for a long string of “Theme” games, liked to load their games with zany humor and Britishisms, so Theme Hospital is more of a light-hearted romp through the world of health care. 518 more words


not going anywhere this morning

i’m a bullfrog
bull dog
bull fighter
bull shitter

living on the edge
of a sand storm

hushed in the mouth
of a cannibal

double sided hand grenade… 18 more words



tongue of the bullfrog

snatching a gnat in midair—

supper on the wing