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A Chain of Events

Reporting live from Ohio where I’m taking part in the Biggest Week in American Birding! Since last Saturday I have spent my days mostly watching warblers around the boardwalk at Magee Marsh – but now and then I have ventured to other areas to see what else I can find. 34 more words



Nothing can spin your moral compass faster than the protective instinct of parenting. We are dealing with another round of bullying at school and hearing about turns me into a seething ball of anger. 1,171 more words


The Garden by the Woods

There are no fences

Life is not contained and moves freely from wood to garden and back again

Seed pods explode – plants propagate

A welcoming place, a happy space


Theme Park DOS review

Now, we’re just upping the ante, aren’t we? Still, it’s impossible to make a Bullfrog retrospective without mentioning another critical and commercial successful title, which is perhaps their most colorful game that also begun it’s own influential series. 1,275 more words


Syndicate DOS review

Well, this retrospective sure is going slow, isn’t it? Sorry for taking so long, but because of recent work issues, I no longer have a lot of free time. 1,481 more words


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I’ve never been one to engage in the all-out celebration of St. Patrick’s Day. However, since March 17 is upon us, I thought I would dedicate my Photo of the Week to highlight that universal holiday. 80 more words


Populous review

Well, it isn’t too hard to figure out which Bullfrog game I’ll start reviewing for this retrospective. And it’s only fair that I start with Bullfrog’s first and possibly biggest success ever: … 1,456 more words