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Queen Walter of the Little Pond

There is one largemouth bass in my pond. By bass standards she is not particularly large, but by small pond standards, I would call her a lunker. 1,377 more words

Black & White - PSX - Cancelled

Black & White is a “God Simulation” Game developed by Lionhead Studios/Bullfrog for Windows. The game was released in March 2001 only for PC. However, this was not the intent. 45 more words


These 5 animals are worse at sleeping than your kid

If you have kids who have slept for at least five straight hours since birth, first, tell me your secret, then stop reading. OK, you don’t have to stop reading, you can laugh along with the rest of us, miserable, tired parents. 330 more words


Rhyolite (NV), Shadowed Bank Ruins, Clouds

Sure, there are inherent dangers with old crumbling buildings in ghost towns.  Floors (wood, concrete, or stone) collapse, stairs crumb, and walls may fall.  Yet an element of adventure, and potentially better photographs, is absent when fences are erected in the name of safety.   301 more words


Lake Powell Without An Engine

Lake Powell is for those with power! Engine power that is. It is an enormous lake with extensive side canyons throughout, making any journey on the lake one that requires you to have a ski boat, houseboat, or jet ski to have the horsepower necessary to get you from one place to another. 624 more words

Review: Theme Park World

I got the big box CD Rom version of this game a long time ago after falling for the original theme park on the mega drive. 752 more words

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Morning Visitors

The days have been nicely warm since Matthew blew past,  but the nights are definitely cooler.

We’ve had a couple of early morning visitors, perhaps gearing up for the winter. 159 more words