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The one who thought he was different [Season 1 Chapter 1]

“Ok class, today we have a new student.” “What’s your name?” “My name is Dylan.”

“Ok Dylan can you hear us?” “Hi I’m Dylan’s translator and no he can’t hear you, so he is just a bit different from the rest.” “Yes sir, Dylan you can sit there next to Alexander.” “Okay class, today we are gonna talk about deaf people.” “Now they can’t hear anything at all, which is very sad.” 199 more words


Words Can Hurt And Bullying Can Kill

Bullying in school has been around since the invention of school. Countless children over the generations have suffered at the hands of their classmates.

These days, in school bullying has been taken to another level by social media. 209 more words


Tuesday 3rd April 2001- Words Can Damage the Soul

School. So what did you expect? I have to go to this prison every weekday don’t I? And oh God it’s only Tuesday! How slowly the days go by, I had my usual Tuesday afternoon shit from those bastards at school shouting abuse through the wall at me and following me while I left class. 263 more words

The Bully

No amount of preparation for our move could have prepared me for the unexpected event of last Monday.  I had worked so hard to ensure that Jellybean would successfully transition to our new home with such things as frequent visits prior to the move and bringing blankets and beds into the new house without being laundered so that familiar smells would follow.  357 more words


Bullying is an increasing problem, but it isn’t a new problem nor is it confined to schools.   Social-media bullying is rampant; actually every area of life is vulnerable to the phenomenon of bullying. 575 more words

Writing - Devotion


Have a dream, but within your limits,

Enjoy life, but not too much.

Your aspirations with mine make sure it fits,

You do have rights, but don’t think they mean much. 30 more words


When the Bully Is a Doctor

Bullying among health care workers is far more common than we acknowledge.

Published: June 14, 2018 at 05:30AM


from NYT Well… 63 more words