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A Bully Bullies Because...

I don’t think I will ever fully comprehend the mindset of a bully. I’ve learned over the years to walk away and that it is a huge waste of my time to engage, but every now and then I will stand up for myself and speak my own truth. 401 more words

Another Mom's Perspective...Trying to Find a Solution.

We’re talking about the subject of bullying this week and I understand you have experience with this. Your child was bullied?
“Yes. My oldest son, who is now 15.” 1,655 more words


Internet Arguments

I’m starting to think that the odds aren’t in favor for a liberal-feminist-bisexual-Wiccan-female gamer with a social anxiety disorder. Ha, no really. Yikes.

Everyday in my FB feed, alone, there are stories of anti-this and anti-that. 195 more words

Social Anxiety


This article is based on Ariana and Mika’s music video Popular Song. It made me remember the bullying I experienced when I was younger. (If you haven’t seen the video yet, I suggest that you watch the video first before reading this so you’d understand what I’m talking about) 1,688 more words




It has been so long since I have written. I had to recover a bit from my trip. I ignored my journal and my blog because I wasn’t up to dealing with revisiting those experiences just yet. 1,277 more words


Ranting and Raving

I do hope that you’ll forgive me for the excessive but very creative language you’ll be seeing through out this rant.  I’ll try my very best to keep it at a bare minimum and not appear to you as contumelious rather than mellifluous, but don’t hold me to that. 361 more words

Friday Fab Four

It’s Friday, again! I spent the week at Disney World with my family and I have to say…the “Happiest Place on Earth” is my home! Here are four interesting articles I read this week…probably from a Disney bus. 65 more words

Friday Fab Four