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April 21st, 2017


 Jonathots, Jr. Daily Blog

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Social Commentary

Cruel Laughter

There’s a cruel kind of laughter
That wounds but only one;
And leaves the rest enjoying
The damage that’s been done

But cruelty is a cannibal… 14 more words

Original Poems

The Witches May Strike 

The witches gather their plan is cast

The damage they cause the pain will last

They sit they stir they laugh out loud
The victim was swallowed by the burning cloud… 315 more words

Inspired Thoughts

It Has Been 12 Days Since I was Torn Apart

I still think about it at random times but no I don’t cry anymore. I still think about what happened, I still think that had I did a different thing, had I said the different words, could this have happened? 532 more words


13 Reasons Why...am I torturing myself?


Seriously if you haven’t finished, stop reading now!

Sooooo I have so many feeling about the show I don’t really know how to start! 468 more words



What in the world makes people think that name-calling is okay? Humor?? Popularity?? None of these things are excuses. There is absolutely nothing okay about being rude and hurtful and calling other people names. 150 more words


Life Is Not A Game

April 16, 2017    Kevin Trang

The novel I decided to use for my culminating task is the Lullabies for Little Criminals written by Heather O’Neill. The plot revolves around Baby, a twelve year old girl, and her heroin addict Dad Jules who worsens throughout the book and has no clue on how to raise a child being a single father he is. 438 more words