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Selective Justice Waning

Phillip Defranco’s Video on the Controversy

Recently there have been some negative comments made towards one of the stars in the new ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot. Ms. Jones has been the victim of racially disparaging remarks on social media, and has garnered an reprehension to a well known columnist who is accused of instructions gating the verbal attacks. 324 more words


Jessica's Ghost


Author – Andrew Norriss

Age- 12+

Francis doesn’t have many friends. He hides his love of designing clothes because of bullying at school and spends most of his time alone. 142 more words


Do they serve sweet tea in Canada?

Honestly I thought he would get bored and just go home, but I was wrong, really wrong. Tonight the circus leaves Cleveland when the head clown accepts the Republican nomination. 388 more words


Hello, Physics!

When in school, teachers tend to base their student preferences on certain factors. Some like hard-working students, others hate them. And the same goes for students preferring one teacher over another. 822 more words


John's Bullying Story.

Disclaimer: This post discusses bullying which may be a sensitive topic. If you are affected by this post please seek professional advice and support as I am not a trained medical professional. 633 more words


We should all #StandUpToBullying.

Disclaimer: This post discusses sensitive topics of bullying and thoughts of suicide. If you are affected by this post then please seek professional advice and support as I am not a trained medical professional. 659 more words


Shame is a Bully

“It’s never the pain that takes us out of the game…. it’s the shame about the pain…. Life is hard.  You are being as brave and as good as you can….

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