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Analysis: Why I Did Not See Unfriended


* * *

What started as an attempt to not see a movie rendered irrelevant a week after release, turned into something on a broader scale. 1,153 more words


Casey Gives Birth to a Cripple Half-Groundhog Baby

The following is a work of “fiction”.

Casey sat alone in the home that used to be owned by her deceased lover, Aaron AKA Beans. She was watching some interracial gay porn, and the two large black men, Malcolm and Jamal, were about to turn the skinny white twink into a rotisserie chicken. 4,295 more words

Fan Fiction

Whoa It Down A Little Bit

Richard asked if I wanted to go to his church picnic in a couple of weeks. I thought about it for a bit, and reluctantly said ‘yes’. 416 more words


DailyBlog : You Are Who You Hang With

No question today, I just need to banter a bit about a certain topic on my mind.

For years, I have said “you are judged by the company you keep.” I have found over the last few months that not only is it true, but its psychological reality. 1,077 more words


It's Okay... I Don't Like You Much Either

I currently am work based in a horrendously toxic atmosphere, so much so that I’ve adjusted my work schedule so that I’m in and out of the office building hours before the main work group even shows up. 520 more words

Day To Day Life

Generally I do not Watch Dr. Phil

Finally, yes, finally, I did search and watch Dr. Phil.

For about three or four months or so, my mother has been insisting that I should watch Dr. 672 more words


Emails with Bullies

Emails   —   This entry is solely about emails with bullies .

Most bullies can not control their emotions, even in emails.   So , an email contact with a bully is probably your best option if you must have contact.   467 more words