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What my daughter's tantrum taught me

My five-year-old has a best friend named Carol. If you ask either of them they will tell you they are sisters. If you mistakenly call them best friends they will correct you. 691 more words

You're not required to love family

Many, if not all of us, at one point, have been told that something like “that’s family you have to love each other.” That is not true. 297 more words


Rape Is A Reality

Disclaimer : The following post is a tad different from the normal contents of this blog. These words represent my own personal sentiments and thoughts, and are not in any way meant to invoke anger, indignity or resentment. 637 more words


Boasting; July 19, 2017

1 Kings 20:11 The king of Israel answered, “Tell him: ‘One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off.’ ” 509 more words


Arguments with myself 

Me: It’s 1am my stomach is rumbling. I think I need to eat.

Me: You don’t need to eat at 1am. Ignore it and go to bed. 287 more words

Bullies, Torment & Death

Last time we said –

What is the motive or purpose of a bully? To scare you. Bullies threaten people to scare them into doing something or into agreeing with them. 1,142 more words

Spirit, Soul & Body

White. Hot. Shame.

When I started this blog a couple years ago, I told myself I was going to fill it with first drafts. Just write and publish, a little bit every day, until I could get comfortable with shitty first drafts being a thing. 5,277 more words