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Let's get real, people...

Kids are dying unnecessarily in our country. These mass shooting tragedies do not have to happen. They just don’t. I’m certainly guilty of putting my thoughts and prayers out there but the folks in Florida are correct…we need action. 573 more words


Talking Down, or Lifting Up

There’s often a large verbal component to bullying and abuse. What is said is often key to keeping a victim silent. That may take the obvious form of threats – if you tell then there will be consequences. 655 more words

Thinking About Feeling

Review: Young Man with Camera

Book: Young Man with Camera
Author: Emil Sher
Rating: 3 Stars

Basic Plot: T— is the young man with the camera. And he’s dealing with a lot of issues, including a disfiguring scar, and the school bullies. 740 more words


End of life care

It was on this day last year that my mom started her end of life care. At first, we didn’t realize it was the end of her life, and hospice didn’t even come into until the last 2 weeks. 310 more words

My Bout With Bullies

I had been the target of bullies for a few years, by the time I had made it to junior high school. A few people picked on me, I would cower, and that was all it took for me to become a bully magnet. 3,058 more words

Mental Health

Mumma Worries

It keeps me awake.
Not knowing how to fix it. Knowing that I can’t protect them forever. Knowing that some people are dicks and I can’t prevent them from being that way. 505 more words


Even when Karma is good to you, it sucks.

I have been passively waiting for karma to catch up with Bitty since, day 2 of working with her. 453 more words