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Ignore the Bullies, and Keep Being Awesome

The Bullies Don’t Actually Know You: A Vital Reminder in How Crowd-Sourced Jerks Work

Over the years, I’ve seen various people with eloquent and well thought out opinions and positive contributions retreat from online spaces because they couldn’t take the bullying and the obnoxious comments. 636 more words


Speaks l

Most of my harder experiences in life I haven’t broadcasted to social media. I never wanted to be “that girl” to look for light in other. 750 more words


It's Not About the Shoes

On the 4th day of school, one of my kids, who usually doesn’t tell me much of what goes on at school, shared something with me. 762 more words


Prestigious U.S. Guild of Schoolyard Bullies Endorses Trump

HANOVER, NH –  Bullies from across the United States gathered earlier this morning to announce their full support of Donald Trump’s campaign for president. “As America’s preeminent gate keepers against the hordes of dweebs, geeks, nerds, dorks, weirdos, techies, goths, eggheads, fruitcakes, oddballs, misfits, poindexters, bookworms and brainiacs at our privileged doors we feel the Donald is the only candidate who speaks to our concerns.” 199 more words


To bullied and bullies.

Forgive and forget right?
No that’s not quite how it work.

Words hurt, they make wounds that becomes scars for a lifetime. For both the bullied and the bully. 397 more words