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Our first bully.

I took Spen out a couple times today, and now that he’s getting bigger, he’s starting to have more contact with other kids, especially “big” kids, and that kind of freaks me out. 392 more words

Day 5 - Jan 13th 2017

Rebecca Black day today. How much longer do I need to wait for boots. I’ve been over a month, and still haven’t received them. James told me they would be arriving today from the place he usually get them from, but nothing so far. 270 more words


She Screams Of Royalty Is Selfish

Here is a status they posted yesterday.

What is wrong with it? It has some grammar errors. I don’t know everything about grammar. The things I do know is, a comma should be placed between Wednesday & March. 747 more words


Day 4 - Jan 12th 2017

I work with heavy machinery, so my job has a zero tolerance on alcohol in the work place…unless of course your name is Andrew, which mean you can just show up to work pissed and hung over whenever you want. 885 more words


"Cyberbullying isn't a real problem." - Ignorant or Stupid?

So, in my class, there’s this woman in her late forties. She’s one of those who believes in tough love and – this is a direct quote from her, by the way – is raising her son to be a ‘proper lad’. 635 more words

Positive thoughts bring positive changes.

Are a bully’s actions the sole responsibility of the bully? Or can they share the blame with a broken society? Could it be bad parenting? Maybe it’s of all of these things compiled to make the perfect storm of a self-centered, egotistical, and narcissistic brat that we have come to know and love in today’s society?   854 more words


 My letter To My Ex "You Cant Break Me"

So I received a wonderful phone call from CPS today-Child Protective Services. Totally took me for a loop. Apparently my wonderful ex husband made allegations that I have my son around people who are abusing him and that I never protect him from this so called abuse. 772 more words

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