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The Return of the Honey Buzzard

The Return of the Honey Buzzard, by Aimée de Jongh; Self-Made Hero, $22.95, 160 pages, ages 14 and up. 

We may have entered the holiday season, but some people find this time of year  downright depressing, and children (especially teenagers) can be as vulnerable as adults to downshifts in mood. 267 more words

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Friends and Opinions-

It seems like the election is still causing people to be out of their minds. I’ve done my best to not get involved in any conversation about anything that is even remotely close to politics. 1,068 more words

Thoughts On Life

Hackers Are Bullies!

There has been a ton of emphasis on bullying lately. Many good-hearted people are attempting to remove it permanently from the schools. With so much focus, it’s a wonder we haven’t discussed the role that hackers play as bullies. 185 more words


Republicans are the Bullies on the School Playground

Republicans can no longer deny that they are the party of the wealthy. They have but one god; money. They do not believe in the United States of America; they believe in their party. 533 more words

Informal ABA: Compliance Training Led by Peers

As a child, I didn’t need ABA to teach me compliance for other children taught this well enough on their own. Aversives and rewards from trained behaviorists were not what taught me to hide myself but rather the torment I received from other children for daring to be different. 711 more words


Standing up to bullies Luke 12:4-7 Matthew 4:5-7 Mark 8:34-35

Luke 12:4-7 (MSG)
4-5 “I’m speaking to you as dear friends. Don’t be bluffed into silence or insincerity by the threats of religious bullies. True, they can kill you, but then what can they do? 544 more words


How did I get into amateur radio? Part 1

I won a scholarship to a posh school. I was very unhappy there, and one of the things which made me unhappy was that when we were around fifteen, we boys all had to join the cadet force. 381 more words

Amateur Radio