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The End of the Discussion

Between this website and elsewhere, I’ve been called a racist half a dozen times this week because I think the current rush to eliminate the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (incorrectly called the Confederate Flag) from public consciousness is a perfect example of moral hysteria and self-righteous bullying. 430 more words


“Every man carries within him a world which is composed of all that he has seen and loved, and to which he constantly returns, even when he is travelling through, and seems to be living in, some different world” – Chateaubriand

Sometimes that means that we respond to happenings in ways that are actually responses to past events. This can feel confusing, frustrating, sad (and a logical argument can be made for taking the negative perspective, because that is the ‘logical’ way to look at the situation right?). 627 more words


Guest Post: Bullying (Or Not So Much) by Carole Cummings


Carole Cummings

So, I guess you’d have to live under a rock (or be a writer in the cruel, all-consuming throes of a developing story) to have missed all the… 1,456 more words

Guest Posts

A Review of the Movie "Speak"

The video, “Stolen Innocence” by Courtney Parker, certainly tells the story of the horror of rape. Right now I’m communicating with a victim of sexual abuse of monstrous proportions. 756 more words

Human Trafficking

Espozilla Rides Again

 Bullying is something that is getting lots of attention, and for good reason. Bullying sucks. Bullying is a symptom of something bigger than just a mean little kid, this is a cry of someone who needs love and to feel good and the only twisted way they know to get any attention is to be cruel and belittling. 1,055 more words

Pursuing Tolerance, or, Why I believe in the Niqab

July 1, 2015

Today is Canada Day, formerly known as Dominion Day. Many people from around the world choose July 1 to take the oath of Canadian citizenship. 1,014 more words


"He's Shifted, Backflipped, And Outright Lied": Christie; A Personality-Driven Candidate Makes Contradictory Campaign Promises

“Telling It Like It Is” — That’s Chris Christie’s campaign slogan, revealed the day before he formally announced his candidacy for president. It’s meant to evoke his brash persona, which is  775 more words