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Work was. Today was. There’s sounds. Walls still don’t work. They are for hiding ( the other perspective). So when people flash into monsters I guess it’s the secondary effects that are more dangerous than the monstrosity itself. 631 more words


All the looks. All the whispers. All the rumors you have to deal with. The words that taste so painful. Being pushed here and there. You`re walking through the hall, for once you`ve built yourself up a little and at least you`re smiling a little. 371 more words


Thoughts on the Recent News Regarding Sexual Misconduct and Bullies

People seem to be repeatedly shocked at the revelation that men who have been been accused, some with indisputable evidence, of various levels of sexual misconduct, from harassing to rape, are the same men who have claimed they support women and women’s rights. 1,651 more words



“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never harm me”

That old saying would bring some moans and it’s the words that I would flee… 120 more words

Self-Love is the Best Defense Against Bullying

Bullying is sadly as prevalent today as it’s ever been. I’m sure every one of us has a story to tell about how we’ve been bullied in some form. 1,775 more words

After the Fire

Author – Will Hill

Age – 13+

Moonbeam survived. She is full of grief and guilt that many of her brothers and sisters didn’t. Even Father John didn’t make it out, and he was their whole world for so long. 151 more words


I'll Miss Not Knowing You

Talent isn’t an excuse.
It’s not a license for abuse
Or reason to suspend the rules
Of decency, and we’d be fools
To let you argue otherwise. 92 more words