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Life lesson to my readers: don't be like my stalkers who constantly waste time on the Internet.

I haven’t bothered to check the stats or anything the anonymous psycho does for attention.  I’m just blogging for my actual readers, not for the drama queens who like seeking attention. 150 more words


The Sound and the Fury

I sometimes enjoy fooling people regarding my age. If I’m well rested, wearing the right colors, and my makeup is fresh I am able to masquerade as someone who is a bit younger than I actually am. 1,184 more words


#907: "My hyper-vigilant work bully is bringing up all my old issues about being watched & judged."

Captain Awkward and the Awkward Army,

I recently accepted a position in a line of work that is brand new for me, exciting, mentally stimulating, and will enable me to finally be financially stable. 913 more words

Reader Questions

No Heroes or Villains

I awoke from a dream where I got to tell the person who hurt me everything she did wrong. It felt really good. She understood how she had wronged me and seemed somewhat apologetic as I walked away, vindicated and triumphant. 674 more words


Republicans... stop treating Donald like he is your only child... please...

I suddenly realized what is actually going on, sometime last night, while watching republicans defending Trump’s performance in the debates. When Trump ended up as the nominee, for many of them, it was like being told by their doctor that, due to ‘complications’,  they would never be able to have another. 144 more words


Shout out to my two stalkers in the UK "as well"

I see UK footprints, oh hmm…who could that be? the haggish villa and her butt buddy Mrs. “King” Lol.  I think it’s funny whenever my wannabe haters create their pen names, they choose names as if they’re “the shit” more like a bag o shit.


America is Great Keep Going Forward

Move forward

We keep reading letters in newspapers insisting that we must reverse the disastrous policies of President Barack Obama. And once again, I will respond. 251 more words