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10 Ben Graham Quotes that explains investing, and how it can be practiced in Indian Stock Market!

It makes immense sense to know what the father of value investing has to say. But knowing is not enough, It should not just remain as something you know but it needs to percolate down to your your behavior with stock market. 579 more words

EUR/USD: levels to watch

As highlighted in our previous posts, the pair is in a bullish momentum.  90 more words



Thanks to Brian Wesbury for this commentary.

To paraphrase the late Jude Wanniski – the history of man is a battle between the creation of wealth and the redistribution of wealth. 603 more words


EUR/USD: What to expect next week ?

As mentioned in our previous post, EUR/USD rebounded nicely since it penetrated the KUMO.  193 more words


EUR/USD: Bullish momentum

Check out our message of this morning on EUR/USD on tradingview, we were already seeing a bullish setup. 125 more words


2016, In Like a Lion

There are three psychological aspects of any bear or bull market: denial, acceptance, and fear or ebullience. In the bull, all good news is embraced and bad news is dismissed. 694 more words

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