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What drives the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Since Trump’s victory, US American stock markets have been going up and up and up … The Dow Jones Industrial Average as an index of blue chip stocks illustrates this continuing upward trend quite impressively (quarterly, monthly, weekly charts): previous highs have been broken to the upside with huge momentum; technical indicators give us a “thumbs up”! 333 more words


NIKL, You should have known by now.

This one is very easy to understand. This is a conservative view, if you look closely it will show you something better. #dontbelievethehype

What other people say… 84 more words


Bullish 01.11.17

Bullish is an attempt to parse the narrative of the Chicago Bulls season.  In most seasons, it’s pretty obvious (recently the narrative centered on the health and ability of Derrick Rose), this season is much more complicated.   628 more words


Analysts Predict Trump Inauguration Will Continue Lifting U.S. Bank Stocks

The election of Donald Trump brought with it a considerable rise in many U.S. bank stocks, on the notion proposed during the President-Elect’s campaign of reduced regulation and a generally more laissez-faire approach to the banking sector. 379 more words

The stock market is about to do something for the first time since 1982 — and it's bullish

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

The S&P 500 has had a very volatile year. 

That puts the benchmark index on pace for what technical analysts describe as an outside year. 411 more words

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