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Adoption breeds acceptance. Bitcoin for the win.

And ultimately success.

So says Jack. The co-founder of Twitter.

He’s saying in 10 years a single global currency will exist. And he says it’ll be Bitcoin. 59 more words


Bring on 2020

Short term pain for long term gains. So the saying goes.

So you’re a fellow HODLer. You might even be doing something to the Pound Cost Averaging strategy and continuing to pay in regular every month regardless of the down and the ups. 101 more words


Feeling miserable? This means you could get rich

I’ve blogged about the BMI (Bitcoin Misery Index) quite recently. The more miserable we are hodling Bitcoin the better the opportunities are.

Yes my modest portfolio is in the hole at the moment and the hole seems to be getting deeper. 74 more words


Well it was fun while it lasted

Cast your mind back, if you will, to 3 days ago.

3 days ago things started looking green again. Everyone was happy. The BMI (Bitcoin Misery Index) was predicting great things. 101 more words


The lower the misery the higher the price?

The lower your BMI the better.

That rings true with crypto too. Apparently.

There is something called the Bitcoin Misery Index (BMI) and the lower that is the better things are for for buying Bitcoin. 47 more words


Following The Leader

On Monday we discussed how stocks are rallying out of a half cycle low and following the market leaders higher. The Semi’s provided more leadership on Thursday. 100 more words

When things are getting you down

And down is certainly right.

It seems just like days ago I was blogging about the bullish times ahead for Bitcoin. Someone must have read about it and decided to pee on my cornflakes. 77 more words