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Wow! Go Nifty Go!

Bullish Head & Shoulders pattern in Nifty daily chart. This leads to possibility of reaching 9300 & more in few months.

Bulls market has returned!




Well they didn´t go to 13,000 yet but I think all the shorts are covered, again. You know you can make 5 to 10 times more, more money; 5 to 10 times faster being short in a Bear Market  than you can being long in a Bull Market. 641 more words


Imgur's Sarah Schaaf on building online communities

This week on Bullish, I had the pleasure of sitting down with the queen of Imgur, a.k.a. Sarah Schaaf, head of community at Imgur. We talked about IRL communities versus digital communities, what it takes to build and sustain virtual communities and the role these places have in our society. 164 more words


Bullish Outlook for Ethane Production

While NGLs are produced at both natural gas processing plants and petroleum refineries, natural gas facilities are expected to provide more than 95% of the forecast production growth, EIA states. 129 more words

Bullish with Tristan Walker, CEO of Walker & Company Brands

Tristan Walker is becoming, if he’s not already, a household name in Silicon Valley. He’s the founder and CEO of Walker & Company Brands, the startup behind the successful Bevel razor and shaving cream products for people of color. 270 more words


Excuses for Economic Misbehavior

A friend of mine was asking the other day why we can’t have a working economy that cares for people.  Good question – why can’t we? 136 more words


Bullish: What's driving the maker movement

The maker movement is hot. Worldwide, there are about 2,000 maker spaces and 26 percent of cities in the U.S. have them. I sat down with Inventables CEO Zach Kaplan to learn about what’s driving the movement and where it’s headed. 166 more words