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Amherstburg woman calls for action after coyote kills family dog

The agonizing cries of pain still ring in Janice Emery’s ears.

The heartbroken Amherstburg woman is raising the alarm bell about coyotes after one of the shadowy predators… 897 more words


Dog days

Right after our wedding, three years ago, we became 8-legged. We adopted the cutest little thing on Earth: a Boston Terrier. In view of our boat-life, we named him Popeye, as despite being tiny, he’s extremely strong and of course super funny. 209 more words



okay. so most people think i am nuts (and i am) but adding little baby thor was the best decision ever. when we moved out here in august, i started trolling craigslist and the humane societys website in search of a new puppy. 492 more words

My dog

My dog Susie is four and suffers from depression. Yes dogs can have depression too. My mom went to Florida for two months and Susie was always around mom and so she got depressed from not having her around and stopped eating and got so skinny you could see her ribs. 192 more words


An introduction to a sad end

Hello everybody, and welcome to my latest post on That Girl From! Thank you so much for tuning in once again!

I find it quite difficult to come to terms with the fact that not every story in real life has the same end to the story books. 989 more words

Egyéves lettem - avagy öltöztesd be Anyádat!

Folytathatnám úgyis, hogy megúsztam a születésnapi beöltözős traumát. Ismerve gazdám meglehetősen labilis természetét, simán kinézett egy igazi beöltözős szülinapi nyáladzás. Valahogy így:

De most komolyan. Szerintetek ez kinek jó? 199 more words