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Jokes And Lies

I’ve got a mighty lot of weird as hell sounding faceless people all of a sudden who want to congratulate me for nothing on the same damn thing, while insulting themselves using the same insult over and over again. 87 more words

So it's been a shit weekend

…the kind where you get into a shouting match with a co-worker in front of customers that’s mostly your fault but is just enough his that you’re more likely to jump off a building than apologize, then go home early because  35 more words


Take 17258362

Will I succeed, now that I have a cool name and a bit of real motivation, in my resolution of actually maintaining a blog and actually expressing myself through it without thinking about how shitty the outcome is and how pathetic I am?

I hope so.


South Dakota Trying to Criminalize Editing the State Seal

Argus Leader –  

Taking artistic liberties with the South Dakota State Seal could result in jail time if a group of Legislators has its way.

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you’re the fly

in my ever piling shit

putting up with the stench

and fluttering happily

while i stand here grumpy

and you just buzzing about… 36 more words


Aziz Ansari

My two-cents because I am SO incensed by this man being grouped into the #metoo and #timesup movements.

I read the ‘expose’. It is shameful what this young woman has done. 473 more words