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Lack Lodge

Oké, a Twin Peaks nagy durranás volt annak idején, és bár én még elég pelyhes seggű voltam, mikor realtime ment a tévében, azért tavaly(?) bepótoltam az első két évadot. 256 more words


High Culture - Low Culture

And what about middle culture? Why is it ignored? What does the bourgeoisie have to do to get a little respect?

Try saying the word ” bourgeois ” in any social group and see what happens. 439 more words

Backstabbers Guild Of Australia

Try Not to Get Offended

I found this little gem fetid, steaming pile while on Patheos. Try not to get too offended by my position on the matter.

As a society, we are now…

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Vulnerability is a tremendous stick of dynamite. It can dismantle social barriers and personal defenses instantly when used correctly, but I feel it’s underestimated. Often, vulnerability seems like less a social tool and more like an obstacle to avoid, a bomb to be disarmed instead of utilized. 763 more words


The Da Vinci Code 24-26: Why Art Historians Hate This Book

Last time on The Da Vinci Code, Sophie succumbed to the contagious flashbacks that started with Langdon, who appears to be some kind of Typhoid Mary for that kind of thing. 1,677 more words

The Da Vinci Code