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In defence of traditional martial arts

I want to take a break from my regular scriptwriting rambling to talk about one of my other passions, martial arts. I may find some vague link to writing at the end, but probably not. 1,765 more words

Random Witterings

opinions are overrated

One of these days, I’ll learn to keep my mouth shut. Hopefully sooner than later.

There are very few opinions in this world that I’m actually interested in hearing. 523 more words


Zubaz Are Bullshit

*The Bullshit Series started on an older blog but I wanted to bring these articles back here, as I have new installments for the series that I want to release over time. 828 more words


Give it a Rest.

My head has been hurting. I think I have brain cancer, but of course, I have no trust in doctors. I’ve also been trying a new way of relieving my anxiety, which surprisingly works. 233 more words


Calling Bull On The Body Positivity Movement

If you spend any time on social media, you will know that a big thing at the moment is body positivity. People are being told to love themselves no matter what size they are. 224 more words


Quantum Woo: A Tale of Superstition and Physical Reality

Woo practitioners like to appropriate concepts from actual science in a rather pathetic attempt to give their bunk some veneer of faux-legitimacy, and by “concepts” I mean use random technobabble to make your woo sound more scientific than it actually is. 249 more words

George Washington

If I had a nickel for every time a boy told me he loved me within days of breaking up with me, then I’d have, like… a dollar.