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Pride Festival 2017

Last Saturday, I went to support my gay family and friends and went to our city’s Pride festival. This was the first time attending and I didn’t know anyone there. 275 more words

Grooming without Lucy

Introducing Jaxon, a 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier. He is cousins with Chloe and Chaz who were featured in a previous post. His Mom and Grandmom stayed for his groom and saw what a good boy he was the whole time.

Love and wags, Lucy

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Friday Foodies and Piper Update

Mom finally realized that the food she bought from Chewy.com was not raw. She had searched their site for raw food, and it popped up and she didn’t read any further. 414 more words

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Lunch Break!

My Dad took a late lunch and discovered what Riley and I do during our lunch breaks.

Loves and wiggles, Lucy

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Finally Healing!

Things with Storm are looking up! I am so relieved!

Doesn’t it look great?!? It looks amazing compared to the other pics that I had posted! 125 more words

Getting Comfy

I have seen the people put their feet and even their legs on this thing called an Otto Man when they are watching a movie. I like to watch movies with them, so I thought, why not try this? 36 more words

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My Chewie.com Delivery

Mom had put my new food away so it “didn’t go bad.” I got a great supper with my new raw diet food plus chicken livers plus greens plus strawberry caps. 81 more words

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