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Pup of the month!

So I have decided that one way to make great use of my blog would be to highlight adoptable animals! This months pup is Thor! He is a 10 month old American Bulldog mix and was surrendered to the shelter because his owner no longer had time for him. 121 more words


Puppy Love.

I don’t know if any of you are aware but Chris and I are major animal lovers and if you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our household number has gone up by one. 418 more words



Well it seems as though my Episcleritis is flaring again. The other night I rubbed my eyes in bed. Apparently I rubbed them too hard because my right eye was killing me for the rest of the night. 340 more words

Your Pit Bull

Dear River,

I want to tell you a story about your dog, Zoe. We found her cowering at the pound. She wasn’t barking like the other dogs. 776 more words

Dad Blog

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This is truly truly beautiful and an amazing perspective on the breed as part of a family and an amazing juxtaposition to racism. Dogs should not be defined by their breed as humans need not be defined by their race. They are a being with feeling and thoughts and should be judged on their actions and what they choose to do with those feelings and thoughts. I have known many a pit bull in my life and the term "hurricane of peace" is the perfect description of their large muscular soul cages. N. and I are hoping to tear through walls and rules and regulations to give one of these beautiful, intelligent dogs a loving forever home when we have space for a third fur baby. Take a moment give this beautifully written open letter a quick red for dog owners it will warm your heart and for anti-pit bull activist maybe it will open your mind, even just for a second. (don't worry you don't have to admit it if it does.) Buy Me A Coffee :) @ ko-fi.com

a "Thank You"

If you are my “real life FB friend” then you already know this story since I shared it last night, but I wanted to share with the rest of my blogosphere friends too! 761 more words

All Of My Posts!

help us help zoink!

So, we adopted this little puppy named Zoink…

He’s the cutest boy in the world.  He was born in Los Angeles in January with Type II Congenital Lateral Elbow Luxation; or, in plain English, dislocated elbows.   551 more words

New Developments

How a Pit Bull Stole My Heart

As a child growing up we had a lovely dog Samantha, Sam for short. She was a black and white pit bull/lab mix. In most my memories of childhood she was a best friend and companion. 644 more words