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Lucy's Special Day

Hi friends, this is Lucy. First, a big thank you to everyone who wished me a good birthday and Gotcha Day. Your wishes worked! We all went to the Smart Pet Store and I got petted by lots of people. 225 more words

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Lucy's Gotcha Day

Today is my Gotcha Day! I’ve been here with my Mom and Dad for one whole year. It’s also the day Mom and Dad are celebrating my birthday. 154 more words

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Our Portrait

I was just thinking about all the yummy food I get to eat. Besides all the meat -that is always my favorite – I eat steamed broccoli and turnip greens and kale and mustard greens and carrots. 224 more words

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A Sunbeamy New Year

Xena: Lucy, why do you look so funny, like you have sun stripes?

Lucy: It’s probably the same bright light right next to you, Xena. 146 more words

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Lucy's Home

I’m home! I didn’t think me and Dad would ever get home. We left Ill in noise at 5:30 in the morning with the temperature at 6 degrees below zero.  475 more words

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Tongue Out Tuesday!

You know you’re having fun when you have gob all over your face! BOL!


Happy Tongue Out Tuesday everyone! 63 more words

Mystery Solved

Woof to all my friends! I didn’t mean to leave everyone in suspense. It’s just that I didn’t know any more than Xena did about where Dad and I were going. 349 more words

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