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Happy Birthday Madi

Today for Madi’s 16th Birthday Celebration, Mom will tell about how she learned to drive.

Xena: *yawn*

My Grandma was afraid to teach Mom, so she hired a professional driving teacher when Mom was 17. 668 more words

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Nosework class!

Guess what friends! My mom signed me up for this super fun class called Nosework! I sniff out these smells that are hidden in boxes and when I find it I get treats! 157 more words

Popcorn Beggars


Now give us some popcorn mom! Pretty please???…. 57 more words

Lucy's First Valentine

Just when I was feeling really low ’cause of my (ex)boyfriend skipping out on me, a very handsome kittie with a heart as big as Texas (or Canada) put a smile on my face and wag in my tail. 35 more words

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When It's Over

This week, Andrew brought Riley over to spend the day with me. I think Andrew saw what I wrote about missing Riley, so he left him for the afternoon and evening to visit. 110 more words

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Super Bowl Sunday

That doesn’t look like soup. Where’s our souper bowl, Mommy?

Can me and Lucy have some anyhow?

Xena: This is a gyp. That TV’s making too much racket.I wish they’d shut it off. 25 more words

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