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Is There a Dog In There?

Hi friends. This is Lucy with another episode of Grooming with Mommy. When Bella was carried in the door, none of us were really sure if there was a dog inside all that hair. 122 more words

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WTD Is Mom Grooming?

Hi there friends. Today I present another episode of Grooming with Mom. Only this time, you won’t believe who (or what) she groomed.

It’s a tiny… 10 more words

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Sweetheart Bear Goes on Vacation

Mom and Dad went on a weekend vacation without us. Mom said she meant to leave Sweetheart at home with us, but that naughty bear hid in the back seat of the car behind the cooler. 380 more words

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What I Saw Lucy Doing

Look what I saw Lucy doing:She’s DROOLING! Then she sucked it back up into her mouth! E-ewww.

And again, on our first time at the dog park: … 35 more words

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Co-Authoring Hodge Podge

Xena: Lucy and I decided to try to write something together, as co-authors. You know, like Stephen King and Dean Koontz. Yep, that’s us; I’ll be King and Lucy can have Koontzies, he, he, he. 683 more words

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Please Be Careful

I saw this and thought I should warn everyone who lives with a cat. Please be careful.

In case you couldn’t read what’s on this picture, I will tell you, ’cause it’s impawtant: 299 more words

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Cave of the Clan Bears Part 2

Xena: Ludwig, I’m sorry it had to come to this. The All eye ants (see previous post) will be here soon to deal with you. 322 more words

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