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Bully Ray Talks WWE, His Royal Rumble Return, Team 3D Academy & More

Former WWE, TNA & ECW wrestler Bully Ray speaks with The LAW’s John Pollock about his career, leaving TNA, the development of the Bully Ray character, training Chris Melendez at the Team 3D Academy, and what’s up next for him and Devon.

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Sting: The New Face of Vegenance

With a name like “The Vigilante”, I was half expecting Sting to point his bat at Triple H in their encounter at WWE Fastlane and say, “Triple H, you have failed this federation!” Instead, true to his WCW persona, Sting remained silent and let his bat do the talking. 412 more words


Didn't like the Royal Rumble? Better Call Paul

The closing scene from last night’s WWE Royal Rumble event was certainly “All in the Family”. Roman Reigns going over as “the guy” in this year’s Rumble match was inevitable–especially when names like… 483 more words


TNA's Hall of Fame Problem

TNA introduced the Hall of Fame three years ago and since then Sting, Kurt Angle, and Team 3D have been inducted. However, the superstars who have been inducted haven’t exactly been 100% loyal to TNA. 140 more words


The Dudley Boys To Return At The Royal Rumble?

It seems as if the stars have finally lined up for a Dudley Boys return. When Bully Ray didn’t resign with TNA last year, the rumors started circulating again about a WWE return. 65 more words


Could We See Bubba Ray & D-Von Return To WWE In The 2015 Royal Rumble?

Bully Ray spoke with Journey of a Frontman and spoke about a WWE return.

The interview was performed late in 2014, but the idea behind it being that either D-Von, or Bubba Ray could have another WWE run before their careers come to an end. 159 more words

WWE News And Events