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Top 11 Most Underrated Wrestlers In WWE

By Cian O’Carroll

There are many problems in WWE in 2016. Lack of talent isn’t one of them. In fact, you could argue that they have too much talent. 1,514 more words


WWE Might Bring Back Bubba Ray Dudley's TNA Character Because Oh God Why

In today’s “Rumours We Really Hope Aren’t True,” The Wrestling Observer is saying that WWE is batting around the idea of splitting up the Dudleyz, and not just so they can feud with each other. 464 more words


Could WWE Be Contemplating Splitting the Dudley's And Bringing In Bully Ray?

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

There is talks in WWE of splitting up the Dudley Boys with the idea that Bubba would portray a character similar to the TNA Bully Ray character. 80 more words

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Previously on TNA EWR…

The series returned in a big way, presenting Bound For Glory. In the main event, Christopher Daniels got one last chance at the… 1,101 more words


SS15--Pity Poor Bully Ray/JR = Just Rotten

Ah, the power of your King Of Columnists. In our last installment, I chewed Mickie James out and, whattayaknow, after one tongue-lashing from Mr. Manor, Miss James realigned her whole outlook on life. 1,377 more words


SS13--Wedding Party Poopers/Talkin' Hall, y'all

Ah, Brooke Hogan and Bully Ray, a match made in limbo. After a lengthy one-week engagement, the attention hounds insisted upon a televised wedding in a wrestling ring (how classy), and then Ray got all prissy when this magical moment was interrupted by the nice fellows from Aces And Eights. 1,345 more words

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