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An Imagined Conversation Between Me and My Dog, if Dogs Could Talk (Which They Cannot)

Me: What?

Her: Let’s play. I wanna play. See?

Me: Okay, but where’s the squirrel?

Her: I don’t want the squirrel. I want to play with the bully stick I have in my mouth. 113 more words


BarkBox Review

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Today, Daisy and Ollie got a big surprise on the doorstep…their first BarkBox!  Here’s a quick run down on how BarkBox works: 369 more words


Dong, da-dong, dong-dong

“What is it?” customers ask daily referring to a stick-like dog chew.

“It’s a bully stick” I tell them.

“But what is it made of?” 350 more words

yaky stick

Himalayan Dog Chews Wrapped Around A Bully Stick

When we heard about the Yaky Stick we felt like we had hit the jackpot. We already LOVE the Himalayan Dog Chew and we have gone crazy over bully sticks (despite the fact that they completely gross Mom out), so combining the two together sounded like doggy heaven to us. 295 more words


The Bully Stick and Food Aggression

Everyone went on and on about how much their dogs LOVE the bully stick, and how if they ingest some of it, it won’t harm them. 897 more words