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Bully Sticks!

Hello everypawdy!

A few days ago, I was introduced to something new – a bully stick! I have seen many Instagram friends chewing them and decided to try one for myself. 85 more words

Lilly The Aussie

Christmas Chews | Things we love

One of the dog’s favorite christmas traditions is getting a big 36 inch bully stick.  It’s always comical watching them tackle such a large chew, especially Wyatt as for the first year or two he would just chew the center in half instead of starting on an end. 376 more words

Syrius Dog

Hi I'm Bella and I'm an addict

Yes, I’m an addict. I am addicted to sticks and twigs of all shapes and sizes. I am told that the first step to recovery is acceptance and hence here is the list of my stick obsessed behavior. 142 more words


Pawstruck Bully Sticks - Our Experience

Gatsby and Belle’s Bully Stick Review

After my husband and I got married, he asked me if I would like to get a dog.  I adamantly refused.  

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An Imagined Conversation Between Me and My Dog, if Dogs Could Talk (Which They Cannot)

Me: What?

Her: Let’s play. I wanna play. See?

Me: Okay, but where’s the squirrel?

Her: I don’t want the squirrel. I want to play with the bully stick I have in my mouth. 113 more words


BarkBox Review

Hey Everyone!  Hope you all had a great weekend!  Today, Daisy and Ollie got a big surprise on the doorstep…their first BarkBox!  Here’s a quick run down on how BarkBox works: 369 more words