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When I was in junior high and high school, bullies were people who stole your lunch money. Bullies were physical or seemed they would reach that level in their need to control. 444 more words


Why can't we be friends?

In 1975 a song by the band War was released titled “why can’t we be friends”.. It’s a pretty catchy tune but it has a message that I think is pretty important these days. 451 more words

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I truly believe in karma. I believe that if you do nice things then nice things will happen to you. Do bad things and bad things will happen to you. 256 more words



Bullying for me is like cancer, it has been there for years yet we still have not found a real cure for it. It starts out small and eventually would become bigger and bigger as it spreads out until such time that it takes away our lives (mentally and physically). 500 more words


In Black & White (Revisited Part 1)

2017 is off to an interesting start. Considering that we are now 19 days in… It seems this year is flying by. I ended 2016 with a post sprinkled with a bit of clarity, concerning potentially racial matters in my world. 2,852 more words