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One of those days. 

This morning I woke up happy. I knew today was a day to relax although I ended up going all over town with my sister in niece, it was still a good day. 134 more words


Dear Caitlyn

You didn’t even say goodbye to me on my last day, and I hoped maybe you would. I remember seeing you standing and smiling with a tint of awkwardness with your popular guy friends, looking at the huge crowd that surrounded me, insisting on giving me hugs or signing my shirt. 879 more words


Is the Internet a Bully?

Social media is like a fun house mirror. The reflection that social media holds of how society actually works is shown in a very distorted view. 343 more words


I am a Bully

 I can get along with pretty much everyone.

I am, after all, an adult.


There are a couple of people in this world who just make my skin crawl. 451 more words


Inappropriate Name Calling

Why do people call other people “a piece of shit?” I hear people say it out of hate. I hear people say it out of general dislike for another person. 152 more words


Social Media and Public Shaming

Social media has allowed us to send every thought out into the world whenever we want. Many people use Twitter and Facebook to publically broadcast their thoughts to their followers. 411 more words


Wow, anime could have some real connections. There was this one series that sorta got my attention, it is called Watamote and I thought it was very funny. 106 more words