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Here is my shoe, take a walk in it

My Domestic Violence Story

I just wrote over 18 paragraphs with my story. I deleted it. Why? Because we all have a personal story. Together our stories are so much bigger. 293 more words

The Birthday Cupcake

For once,  I am quite happily tucking into the neon yellow goop with a side of hard, white grit that passes for Weston Norbett’s Secondary School Friday curry lunch. 521 more words

Creative Writing


It’s Music Monday so I figured I’d carry on with the female fronted, stoner rock theme after The Aquadolls last week, because well… why not! Up this week is the amazing ‘Bully.’ They’re one of my personal favourites and I think you’re gonna love them if you haven’t already come across them! 379 more words


The Utterly Perfect Murder

“An Utterly Perfect Murder” from Long After Midnight by Ray Bradbury

“The idea had come to me for some reason on my forty-eighth birthday…I will arise and kill Ralph Underhill.”

323 more words

BEWARE - I know this guy and he is dangerous.

I knew this guy years ago in school.    When a bully would take some kid’s hat, he was the toadie who got the most pleasure from teasing the poor kid.   49 more words