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Bullying. What You Can Do About It

If your child has any form of special need or difficulty then *he is more likely to be bullied than any other child.

This is harsh to read. 1,163 more words


Flash Fiction: The Bully

Last year, Redpaper.in had published many of my short short stories. Here is an excerpt from one of them:

“Your child is a bully. There is no other way to put it.” 89 more words

Flash Fiction

The Bully

Donny was about seven years old when it happened.  That day that would never be forgotten. The day that ended what was perceived to be a lifetime of trouble. 1,157 more words

Somebody Bullied Tom Brady’s Kid And I’m Pissed

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but a certain Tom Brady had an interview with Oprah. Ever heard of her? And in this interview Tom tells a little story about worrying about his son getting picked on. 309 more words

How to cope with online hate!

Hi everyone! How is your week going? ❤ Today I thought I would share a post with you about how to cope with online hate (mainly blogwise but it might help anyone really, fingers crossed anyway!). 1,939 more words


Bazi: Do you attract "mean people" or backstabbers 易招小人八字

Previous post has discussed about Feng Shui features that attract “mean people“– people who displace you, push you around, backstabbing, blocking your advancement or simply make your life unbearable. 387 more words

Ken Lai

Harsh Words

With harsh words
That do not
Represent me
No mater what
I say will
You believe me
Take me for my
Word an
Believe whole
Hollow, left alone
With my burdens
Blocking up
Windows I 
Let no light shine
Hanging onto the
Thread of 
Gods robe
With out him
Those torturous
Harsh words
Would break me
Praying to God
That I make it
A light in my
Heart begins
To shine through
Thank you God 
For without you
I don't know
What I would do