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Seriously?? SERIOUSLY!!! 

You know those days when you just feel like throwing things and stamping your feet in the middle of a supermarket in a right old childlike tantrum until you get what you want? 803 more words


Gripping: true to life

BOOK REVIEW: A sensational read with not an ounce of sensationalism. That’s my overall take on this multidimensional tale of life in Southall, London. Most stories quite rightly use something for shock value – romance, action, intrigue, horror…. 276 more words

Kindle Book

Brittle Is The New Beautiful.

Change this, change that,
Your mouth needs to be upturned,
Even if your smile is fake.
Your personality needs to be ours,
Even if you forget who you used to be. 319 more words

Sunday, July 23rd 1916

No work until 1 p.m. – my first Sunday rest for many weeks – usually Sunday is an exceedingly busy day. Had a very easy morning. 17 more words

Greatest Offense

I saw it all. I saw the bully approach her victim. I saw the victim. Pure terror froze on her face as she recognized who was coursing their way towards her. 286 more words