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Lubbock Texas police

This lovey man claims to be a Lubbock Texas police man/civil SERVANT. Texans watch out for him in his personal vehicle pulling people over with a halfass uniform that anyone could buy, a shady looking badge and a gun on his hip. 40 more words


Turning “You’re Stupid” into “Your Strength”


This is for anyone who has ever felt “stupid” because of the hurtful words of another person.

When I was younger I stuttered.  My early years of school were filled with praying that the teacher would not call on me to read out loud because I knew that I would stumble over every other word.  1,491 more words

The Christian Life

Bullying in Sighisoara

Sighișoara is an amazing city situated in the heart of Romania, Transylvania region. It’s surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains so I think that says enough about the views you can find there. 894 more words

A Day In The Life Of A Lightworker

Stand up Sunday--my bullying story


It can happen anowhere. At home. On the bus. At school. At work. On social media. It isn’t limited to school age kids. It happens to adults as well. 757 more words

Faith & Family

Subtle Manipulation Tactics

Narcissists are very manipulative.  They project their faults onto their victims when confronted about their bad behavior.  They criticize anything & everything about the victim, destroying their self esteem, until only an empty shell of a person exists.   472 more words

Abuse And The Healing Journey