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Dark Place

I have recently found out that when my depression kicks in, it takes me to my dark place. When I’m in my dark place, my mid is flooded with suicidal and depression thoughts. 806 more words


African American Black History Month

Emma E Houston 2018 Biography
Authored by Emma Houston, Salt Lake County Director of Diversity and Inclusion

I was raised in Dallas Texas. I attended all-Black Schools from elementary to high school. 537 more words


...most people in power should not be there.

Why do so many people in power seem to be such dicks? They are supposed to be leaders charged with managing offices and caring for countries. 290 more words


Young girl praised for her courage. [Writing Task - Write between 140 and 200 words.]

Martha has long black hair, brown eyes and does well in school.  All the teachers and kids love her.  Martha won a special award at school.    176 more words


I Hate Cross His Died On Jesus

Do you think suicide is not about this? Do you think the creepy Christian guilt complex about sexual behaviour is not about watching Jesus get crucified when the Romans couldn’t elect him, or ressurect him, because their antichrist couldn’t kill him? 155 more words


Dear Bully; An open letter to my tormentor.

Dear Bully,

I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I can’t bring myself to forgive you.

I’m sorry you felt the need to treat me the way you did. 492 more words

My Bout With Bullies

I had been the target of bullies for a few years, by the time I had made it to junior high school. A few people picked on me, I would cower, and that was all it took for me to become a bully magnet. 3,058 more words

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