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An Open Letter to an "Educator"

Dear Prof,

It is already 2am here and I am still wide awake. I am haunted by your voice and eyes that could kill. And it disturbs me a lot. 396 more words


Truth: Part 2

~ What strength do I have that I should still hope? ~ Job 6:11

How can the justice of an almighty God be defended in the face of human suffering- especially when the sufferer is a child? 1,847 more words

Grace Is Messy


We have stayed up late the past few evenings playing Battleship.  Not the newfangled electronic version, but the classic peg and plastic ship version.  It was Hubby’s when he was a wee small boy.   264 more words

Musings And Epiphanies


By André R. Gignac

Insults, vicious innuendos, slander, false claims, hatred, verbal abuse of every kind. The comment sections on news blogs, on social media and even in the mainstream media, have become a new sporting outlet for “Know-it-all Internauts”, who take pleasure at spewing their venom at everything that moves. 1,351 more words


Be Fearless

I can’t sleep. So I decided to write something, anything. I like to keep it short, though. My posts aren’t the longest, I just feel like I don’t need a lot of words to make you understand what I mean or what I feel. 199 more words



On virtually every media platform, there is a steady drum beat against cyber-bullying. Of course, I agree that we should do everything we can to put a stop to bullying, but, today,  I would like to talk about the other side of the coin that is the currency of internet social interactions. 325 more words