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One Thing Most People Are Surprised To Learn About Me

I am currently a nurse. I carry myself in an educated manor (though I act younger than my age). People are taken back to learn that I am a high school drop out. 574 more words

Why I Don't Even Notice Negativity Anymore

At the end of last Feb, I was officially done with life as I knew it. No, I don’t mean suicide, but what I did instead was turn my back 100% cold turkey on anything and everyone that could possibly have brought any type of negativity into my life whatsoever. 2,427 more words

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I had just watched Girl Meets World Season 2 Episode 17 a few hours ago and I teared up a bit. 235 more words

Leaders using their power to bully and threaten people

Why do leaders think that their seats should be used to threaten and bully people? It concerns me when someone uses their position to threaten others. 13 more words

IT happened Again...

it happened again.  Kids killed in school.  In a community college.  in the center of a little piece of America where people are just trying to do better.   61 more words


There's No Trying In Limit Setting

Today, on one of the facebook groups that I run, a member asked what feels to me like the quintessential limit-setting and respectful discipline question.  It was a long and complex question with many parts, especially as it contained examples, which I had specifically requested (it is so much easier to answer discipline questions when there are examples!).  3,620 more words

Just because you are a man

Just because you are a man
It doesn’t mean you are smarter than me.
It doesn’t mean you can tell me what to do about my roof. 105 more words