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I Didn't Bring It On Myself- Part 2, Was I Being Stubborn?

Recently, I have been thinking back to the mid 1980s, during the three years after I got out of the marines and before I left for England. 671 more words

Center for Missing and Exploited Children Video

The National Center for Missing and #Exploited Children, http://www.missingkids.org, has recently posted a video about how teenagers get “trapped” into the #pornographic sub-culture of the world. 131 more words

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Assertiveness Training for Children

Is #bullying becoming an increasing problem in our neighborhoods and schools? Apparently so, because this is the second article I’ve received today that I want to share with my followers on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 111 more words

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I Didn't Bring It On Myself

A favourite saying used by bullies and bully sympathizers is to tell the victim that they somehow brought the bullying on themselves. Victim blaming has been an effective tool to justify bullying since bullying has been around. 462 more words

The Workplace and Prince (the artist)

Today – for anyone who had a difficult workday today, let’s celebrate some of my favorite inspirational words from Prince (“His Purple Majesty”, the artist) that can apply to any workplace or industry. 290 more words


Workplace Empathy Resources

“Empathy is at the Heart of the Actor’s Art.”

~ Meryl Streep 97 more words