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Comfort Zone

Why didn’t she go? Why did she stay and take the abuse? Okay, maybe it wasn’t physical abuse; but isn’t mental and emotional abuse just as bad? 785 more words


To Connect or Not to Connect: What's My Cut?

This type of INTERACTIVE MESSAGING that they PROUDLY call, which I am all too familiar with, would probably be a STROKE of GENIUS if the messages were not FULL of BS, too INCONSISTENT in giving ACCURATE info, but ALL too goddam ACCURATE in stating the obvious to PUT ME DOWN, more often than not … 6 more words

Gang Stalking

Double Meaning

He wore away at her
With twisted words,
The words he said
Were not the words she heard.
The words he said
Concealed a heavy blow… 44 more words


I hope it will pass......

All it took was major stressors at work coupled by constant headaches and insomnia to send me into a vortex of depression, anxiety and the need to be alone away from people. 702 more words


Man Could Lose His Career for Standing Up to a Bully

Normally, I don’t agree with most of the things printed in the British newspaper, “The Sun.” However, last week there was an article in it that not only caught my attention but made me quite angry. 416 more words

Never be bullied into silence

Well I said that I was going to make this, and I finally finished. I really wish I could give the person who created the pattern some credit because they deserve it for the work. 728 more words


An Insult to All Sufferers of Aspergers Syndrome

Recently I responded to a piece I read about bullying. Although it’s not the point of this post, the article said that adults shouldn’t be so quick to intervene in all instances of child bullying. 578 more words