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Workplace | 7 Ways to Handle Issues


Building an effective issue resolution set of skills are important component of creating an effective workplace team environment. Unresolved workplace issues often result in loss of productivity,  barriers to collaboration, 521 more words



I highly encourage that you play this video now, and have it playing in the background as you are reading this post! Enjoy!

Well, you almost had me fooled…

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"It's NOT fair/Bad Example"......

You wanna bad example??? Or examples of things NOT being fair…

I’m not writing this blog for my subscribers, it’s to respond to comments regarding my weight, where for a refreshing change, as it applies to some in the bariatric surgical community. 2,024 more words

Picture Palooza (for my haters) .....

Unbelievable!!! Of just how much HATE I get for what I weigh and what I look like…

I can’t figure out for sure, if I’m getting out, of what I put in the digital universe, as far as hate on me for what I look like and what I weigh at times (which fluctuates, wildly both in what I look like and what I weigh. 174 more words

Body Diversity

One Last Thought On Transgender -- Legs Before Lipstick Please.

Yesterday I posted a fairly rigorous argument against allowing transgender or anyone unstable in the military and around automatic weapons all day. I felt like I gave more than ample legal and moral reasons why it must always be no. 66 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?