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A win for all people with dementia

My book, What the hell happened to my brain?: Living beyond dementia was published recently in German. Whilst I was happy the rights were bought for it to be translated into German, I was very unhappy with the image they used on the cover, without my knowledge or consent. 568 more words

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Telling or "Tattle Tailing?"

One of the most frustrating events in my life as a teacher/mother is when one of my students/children would “tattle tail” about whatever!  Do I hear any Amens? 177 more words

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The New Christian Church? Are We Going Too Far? ...UPDATED..

Is This Right?

I was reading yesterday about a new sect of Christianity that is gaining momentum. Its called ” Throwback Christianity ” by some because of its blend of old a new testament traits. 698 more words

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?

The real tragedy of dementia

The last few months have been a very difficult time for me; physically, emotionally and also in terms of managing the disabilities of dementia, and due to this it has been very necessary for me to get support to proactively manage the stress. 1,711 more words

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Rebel Wilson wins court case

Rebel Wilson, a prominent Australian woman who was publicly bullied and shamed with lies about her character by the media (and ‘close friends’) has won her court battle. 288 more words

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Sad But True. I Wonder If They Even Understand What They Are Doing ...

Do the Liberals even understand that they’re being punked out by terrorists? Who knows maybe they do and they like it.

After all , it could be that terrorists are the only friends they have ever had..

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?