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So Far So Great!

“Off to the races

Im going places

Might be a long shot

Not gonna waste it”

– Demi Lovato, So Far So Great

This October 17th will mark the seven year anniversary of the day that I almost ended my life with a razor blade.  745 more words

Did This Judge Fall Out Of The Stupid Tree And Hit Every Branch On The Way Down??

You know I only got an hour or so of sleep last night. I must have read this wrong. No way a judge would assign custody of a kid to a rapist…someone click on it and tell me what I missed.

Your Kidding Right Judge?

Why Do We Think And Believe What We Do?

Missing Jonathan...

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull is now only in my thoughts rather than hanging in my office, although I do have a photograph of him on my computer desktop and phone wallpaper.  195 more words

Daily Blog

14 Thought-Control Tactics Narcissists Use to Confuse and Dominate You

SOURCE:  Dan Neuharth, PhD MFT  / PsychCentral

Narcissists’ lives are about winning, generally at others’ expense.

Many narcissists pursue a win-at-all-costs, anything-goes approach.

The casualties:  Honesty, empathy and reciprocity. 894 more words


Harsh Parents Raise Bullies--So Do Permissive Ones

SOURCE:  Tori Rodriguez/Scientific American

Research supports a moderate, supportive style of parenting

The consensus is clear: mean parents make mean kids—and the victims of mean kids. 510 more words


Chance and Preparation

In the field of observation, Chance favors only the Preferred Mind. 13 more words

#Workplace Civility

HTDigest6 | Morale, $100k Bullying Award

HTDigest | Stories of the Workplace ♦

Bullied Kindergarten Teacher Awarded $100k


After making a written complaint about bullying manager, a teacher was placed on leave. 252 more words

#Workplace Civility