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Is your son gay ….

Is your son gay ….

Because you wanted a daughter after having 3 sons?

Because he grew up without a father?

Because he is looking for attention? 441 more words


My Mama Says:

Mum says

they’re just jealous!

But it doesn’t

stop them

from treating me

like dirt

The teachers say

just stay away

which is easy

if I was invisible…

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Kait King Poetry

Olé! A Choose Your Own Bully Adventure

I saw the bully’s fingers wrap around Ben’s shirt. I couldn’t see Ben’s face, but I did see Ben’s fist pull back in line with the bigger kid’s nose. 649 more words


Me vs public school: no more sweeping bullying under the rug.

I have a younger brother, I am 13 years his senior and he is what one would call a gentle spirit, he is 8 in 3 weeks time and I thoroughly enjoy him. 763 more words


College: We are here for you, if you get good grades.

One of my best friends is not returning to college this year, something I am highly unhappy about but when I heard why my sadness turned to anger. 516 more words



Check out this message from Zello.

Tracking #Filipino #Gangstalking, #Harassment #Black #Propaganda, #Intimidation & Human #Rights #Violations

Gang Stalking