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Fierce Fighter

After a day of struggling to deal with insurance issues, requiring many hours on the phone, and financial issues, requiring even more hours on the phone, I at last get to find the word of the day is… 450 more words


Billy Yes Mates

Around three months ago, I wrote a post called “Billy No Mates,” where I explained how the lack of friends during the period that inspired me to write “He Was Weird,” has given me much anxieties over the years that passed. 749 more words

The Chase

The faster you run
The faster I hide
From the demon
You you give rise to
Clawing inside
Of my guts
Of my belly
My mind… 73 more words


Stop Vice

Ever been told you don’t have enough vices?  It certainly would not be said by anyone who knows you.  Someone who knows you, will know your vices.   478 more words



There is an idiom that is still popular today.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.”  

I cannot number the times I have heard this. 247 more words


Sh*t for Brains Strikes Again

Yes, that’s what I call myself sometimes because sometimes I do something which is ludicrously stupid and it has some consequences. Well this past Sunday, I made a hum dinger. 605 more words