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Protests Might Make a Difference - Stop the Brutality

Ferguson, Missouri, is a suburb of St. Louis. Two-thirds of its population of 21,203 is black, but four out of five city council members are white. 910 more words


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Racial Brutality. Injustice. This all must stop.
I think it's way past time for every police department in this country to look at the racial, gender, and sexual orientation make-up of their law enforcement team. Unless the team truly look like, experience and understand the people they serve, this type of brutality will continue.

Bullying in the Workplace - Recent High Court Case Highlighting Legal Principles

Justice Kearns delivered his recent judgement in Glynn v Minister for Justice Equality and Law Reform on 21st March 2014. Although the claimant was unsuccessful in her claim, the case is interesting in so far as the High Court explores the tests required to prove bullying in the workplace. 2,916 more words

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Over half of women experience workplace harassment

A new survey from Opportunity Now shows that 52% (of 23,000 women respondents) of women in work have experienced bullying or harassment. Women with disabilities, who were black or African-Caribbean, or LGBT suffered more bullying and harassment, with 71% of disabled women reporting instances of it. 159 more words


Workplace bullying - there is always a story to tell...

I recently participated in a discussion forum on bullying and harassment and I have to say some of the reports and the responses of the audience really provided food for thought. 698 more words