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Does the Classroom Really Prepare Kids for Real Life?

This week an interesting article came to my attention. Written by an American school teacher in North Carolina, Anthony Johnson, it details how he creates a year long real world simulation for his fifth grade students. 1,378 more words


Anti-bullying day! 

So last Wednesday half of the world put on a pink shirt to spread awareness against bullying I participated since it is something very dear to my heart ! 68 more words


Internet Fitness and the Pitfalls of Being Female

I recently (loathingly) participated a not-uncommon, but annoying, interaction in which a complete stranger took it upon himself to send me a message. Silly me, I responded. 2,030 more words

Sex - den enda åtkomsten till intimitet som män tillåts...

… heter kapitlet på s 238 i Levants bok.

“De känslor som är mest förbjudna för män kan sorteras in en av två kategorier. 

Den första är…

576 more words

Pink Shirt Day

I know, I’m late for Pink Shirt Day, but I think I have a valid excuse as I was traveling. I visited five states in two days, and no, I didn’t fly. 267 more words


Stick and stones can break your bones, but words can surely kill.

I was watching a video on Facebook about a fourteen your old girl that was driven to commit suicide after relentless bullying on social media platforms. 484 more words


Scheuermann's Disease, Please?

I must warn you from the get go, this contains a HIGHLY GRAPHIC IMAGE, from a surgical operation. Reader beware.
So most of you probably don’t even know what Scheuermann’s Disease (or Scheuermann’s Kyphosis) is, right? 811 more words