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Never one concerned,
‘Bout the superficial clique
Too quiet ‘n’ reserved,
To deal with all that phuk’d up shit
The pointless pecking-order of social competition… 65 more words


Daily Reminder:

Remember, no matter what you are going through, and no matter how alone you feel, you are never truly alone. Somewhere, someone has gone through the exact same thing as you are now, and they’ve survived. 14 more words



If you or anyone that you know is suffering from anorexia, bulimia, or any other eating disorder, please try to help them. Learn about their disease, since eating disorders ARE mental illnesses, talk to them about why they feel that way about themselves and try to help them, either through talking and trying to be understanding, or helping them seek out professional help. 70 more words


Invisible Bullying

While I think the discussions about bullying over the years have been awesome, I think that there’s one aspect of it that’s not nearly being talked enough about because it’s invisible. 383 more words

Shy Kid Ignores His Bullies By Walking On Stage And Doing THIS!

Sources: Little Budha – By Barbara  Diamond | The Bully Project | All Things Michael

14-year-old Julian was born with a special gift. Most people dream of being able to dance like he can. 215 more words

Michael Jackson

A conscience of self esteem

A conscience on self esteem

She had a tendency to pull at her right earlobe in the same motion used to milk a cow. People tried to interpret why it was she did it, like they were questioning the bible, except the only similarity between the two was that the question went unanswered. 476 more words


Tuesday @ ten - what I've learned

I am joining in again with karen over at finding the faith within and her Tuesday at ten link up.

Now as soon as I read this weeks prompt I just knew exactly what I wanted to share with you. 298 more words