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New ordinance to fine parents of children caught bullying in Wisconsin town

SHAWANO, Wisc. — Parents of children caught bullying in a Wisconsin town may have to pay a fine because of a new city ordinance.

The ordinance states that police and school district officials will notify parents of children accused of bullying. 107 more words


TED Thursday: To This Day (NSFW)

WARNING: May generate feelings deemed inappropriate for the workplace.

Every Thursday I will be choosing and posting a TED Talk that I think should be shared with you. 130 more words


The Right to Tell the Government to Go to Hell

Free speech is no longer free. Emboldened by phrases such as “hate crimes,” “bullying,” “extremism” and “microaggressions,” the government is whittling away at free speech, confining it to carefully constructed “free speech zones,” criminalizing it when it skates too close to challenging the status quo, shaming it when it butts up against politically correct ideals, and muzzling it when it appears dangerous. 21 more words


New ordinance calls for Wisconsin parents to be fined for their child's bullying

SHAWANO — A new ordinance in the city of Shawano calls for fines for parents of children who bully other children.

According to WFRV, now that this ordinance has been approved, police in Shawano are going to work with Shawano School District officials to talk with parents of children who are bullying other children. 154 more words


Questions about Conformity

Attributes and Core Values. What defines us? For myself, I would say that the actions we demonstrate and the values we translate in to what we do define us more than the attributes and values that we say we find to be valuable and that we say we demonstrate. 1,166 more words


He Had Balls

I don’t remember for sure what grade I was in. Second? Third? All I know was that I was once again standing alone outside at recess, shivering in the cold, watching everyone else play with their friends. 291 more words

Mean Girls ~ How to talk to your daughter about ...

Toxic Relationships

Not exactly sure how best to introduce this topic. We all know about it, regardless of gender. Some of us witness it. Feel uncomfortable when we do. 230 more words