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Pranking Problems

I’ve never actually seen someone pull a ‘kick me’ prank in real life. But I have to imagine one of the dangers is getting kicked back, especially if your victim is a lot bigger than you are. 18 more words



I got a new family doctor a few weeks ago. He wanted me to get some blood work done – it had been a while – and other things, pap (last time was 1993), mammogram (never), etc. 1,045 more words

Hard Work

Ontario Human Rights Tribunal accommodates race bullying of lawyer

It doesn’t get any more hypocritical, ironic, and alarming than a native bringing a “whiteman” lawyer up on charges with the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal for posting a disclaimer on his website to let people know he wrote essays about the ‘Indian Act’ in Canada. 2,107 more words

Aboriginal Racism

Pink Shirt Day

Stemming from the horrific times we call the late 2000’s, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada when two students, David Shepherd and Travis Price, took a stand against homophobic bullying… 127 more words


Undisputed: a boxing program for inner city youth

Undisputed is a gym in City Heights, San Diego, teaching boxing to local youth. Students of the program say it’s helpful in letting off steam, and turning kids away from bullying behavior. 48 more words


Cost of Education and Autism

The government of South Australia has let the Aspect Treetops Autism specific school use the old Ashford Special School site at a peppercorn rental. The local school zoned in our area means that there are government subsidies available to help pay school fee’s. 295 more words

3 Comebacks to Food Allergy Bullies

First of all, if you haven’t seen this part of the Freaks & Geeks episode where Allan the bully sneaks peanuts onto Bill’s (who’s severely allergic to peanuts) sandwich during lunch, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch. 636 more words

Food Allergies