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Moving away and anxiety.

I’ve always thought of myself as an adventurous person- willing to try new things, visit new places and feel challenged by my environment. That is until today. 200 more words


What is a Bully's Mindset?

I read an article last week, and watched its accompanying video that discussed bullying behaviour from the perspective of evolutionary psychology.  It suggested that bullies act the way they do not out of a lack of self esteem, but because they have a high one that they seek to maintain, and that bullying builds popularity and social status that eventually lead to greater mating potential.   466 more words


Mine eyes have seen

2004 was a memorable year for me due to several things. First of all, it was the year I earned a free cruise with my company. 700 more words


My story-depression, bullying&anxiety. 

This isn’t a beauty or fashion post, but more of a rant. This is my story, and my experiences with bullying. I’m not doing this for sympathy or attention, but I just hope somebody going through what I’ve had to deal with can find some sort of hope out of this post. 735 more words

Is it okay to shame Kylie Jenner?

So after Friday’s epiphany about blogging, I decided to give myself a day off yesterday (the first one in 4 months of blogging) and I have to say…there were no twitches or sweating, much to my suprise. 325 more words

Can't Hold Me

Look in the mirror

Like what I see

In the moment I decide

I’m all I can be


I made a choice

And got going… 62 more words

Short Somethings

A Review of Joshua's Island by Patrick Hodges

My review of Patrick Hodges’ Joshua’s Island. I was a little nervous this could just be a preachy anti-bullying platform – not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just do t like to be preached to. 345 more words

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