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Leg It (Part forty)

I looked out over the garden.

“This all your work?”


“You’ve definitely got a skill there, Gilbert.”

“Can I ask you something, Pete?”

“Fire away.” 1,412 more words

Be the Good My Little First Grader

‘Do they have cameras to keep the bad guys out?’

It was a question I did not anticipate from my 6-year-old son. We were throwing the football as the sun set the last Saturday of summer. 645 more words

Surviving Kids

To Defeat the Alt-Right, We Must Not Become Them!

Yesterday I had the absolute privilege and honor to help represent CJSF Radio at the “Counter” Freedom of Speech Protest.

While I was there, I met some truly amazing and phenomenal women, some amazing and phenomenal men. 1,706 more words


Tired of Poison

So yeah, I didn’t write an entry yesterday. I feel bad about it.

The reason? I was with hopeful future boyfriend. He got into my brain and got to things I didn’t want to admit even to myself. 91 more words

Personal Diary

Practice, practice, practice

In a recent text exchange between Sam and his 12 year old son Zack who has chosen, with his mother’s blessing, to refuse time with his Dad this summer, Sam asked how Zack’s baseball practice was. 512 more words

Tales of the Fourth Grade Crypt

I have vivid memories of fourth grade.  Not long drawn out memories, but vignettes that have retained clarity over thirty-four years.  First was sitting down in the front row of class and realizing that I was out of rows.   587 more words

Curiouser and More Draining

I’m not sure where this is going, but things are a bit…  fragmented at the moment.  Most of it is processing, and re-evaluating things I’ve been exposed to for my entire life.   986 more words