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A Bugs Life (Disney) - 1998

A Bug’s Life


A colony of ants, in addition to collecting food for themselves for the long winter months, are forced by a band of bullying grasshoppers to give a large portion of what is collected to them as well. 859 more words


Just Saying: Bullying and Political Theater

Jennifer Holliday receiving death threats and backlash over performing at the Trump inauguration as reported in a CNN article is bullying pure and simple. It is not honorable. 365 more words

Just Saying

Track Review: 'I Belong In Hell' by Jodie H. Dunn

Jodie H. Dunn is a young, but supremely talented singer-songwriter hailing from Swindon who uses her life experience as material for her powerful and heartfelt songs. 307 more words



This issue hits any LGBTQ people close to home i am sure. No matter what happens, no matter how supportive some people are. If you come out you guarantee yourself a life of being misunderstood, potentially bullied and looked at like you are weird. 154 more words


US: New Youth Survey Shows Post-Election Spike in Bullying

Yesterday (18th January) the HRC Foundation released the results of a groundbreaking post-election survey of more than 50,000 young people ages 13-18 revealing the deeply damaging fallout the November election has had on youth across the United States. 665 more words


Eating Disorders - A Breakthrough Moment

I must say that all of this talk about mental illness in a positive light seems to be as good for me as anybody. Yesterday something just short of amazing happened. 1,195 more words

Mental Illness