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Publicly speaking about my sexual abuse - (GRAPHIC WORDED CONTENT)

This is the first time that I have told people publicly about what happened to me. Why im so angry and its about time people knew. 655 more words

The Rough Stuff


Journey to 30: Day 3

The Theatre was and will be again my Sanctuary

When I was around eleven I found a faded and slightly faded picture of my mom standing in a costume at the edge of a stage as a young girl.   654 more words

My Personal Perspective

And So I Ran..

This is something that digs at me. Something that tears me apart that I’ve hardly ever opened up about before. I’ve always been 100% honest in these blog posts, so it’s time to get this truth off of me too. 477 more words

Body Image

I’ve never been proud of the way I look, I’ve always known that I was overweight, but everything I tried to loose weight never seemed to work. 613 more words


Now I`m a warrior, I`ve got thicker skin, I`m a warrior, I`m stronger than I`ve  ever been, And my armor is made of steel, you can’t get in, I`m a warrior and you can never hurt me again.

1,879 more words

Rock It! Healthy -- What Will You Choose?

Will you choose to respond to the challenges in life with Love or will you add to the spewing of Hate?  .. thanks to googleimages for the illustration .. 404 more words

Teaching My Son to Deal With Bullies

When 1st K was little he was bullied at school. Due to his quiet nature we didn’t notice it at first but when the nail biting started, I immediately knew something wasn’t right. 1,115 more words