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I’ve learned, stand up to a bully and they’ll eventually get bored with you. Give them nothing. No anger. No fear. Do you.

An oppressor is a bully. 355 more words

Are you bullied by your Children?

I found this article interesting, as my husband and I frequently comment on the way children behave while out in public places, and how different times are compared to how strict our parents were with us.   252 more words

Mental Health

Homophobia at the workplace

I am a lesbian in a women’s organisation. I have to put up with a homophobic colleague. She constantly dismisses masculine women, jokes about security masculine women feeling her up while doing their job, and jokes about fancying women. 189 more words


Forgiveness Reduces Anger in a School Bullying Context

This research investigated an experimental manipulation providing children with response advice following a bullying incident. Children read hypothetical physical and verbal bullying scenarios, followed by advice from a friend to either respond with forgiveness, avoidance, or revenge, in a within-subjects repeated measures design. 132 more words

Friday Five: Things I've learned from being bullied

Hello everyone! I didn’t really want to do a typical Five Things Friday or Friday Favorites post, because I’m lazy and my computer is not cooperating today, plus I don’t really like doing all the links and pictures and stuff. 948 more words

Anorexia Recovery

It's not just about football

Saturday football is a deeply held tradition in our family and today I’m going to go watch my much loved Sydney Swans play against the Adelaide Crows. 476 more words

We Need You to Be You: Lessons from God and Wreck-It-Ralph about Why You Matter

I know you’ve heard people say you’re special. In fact, we hear it so often it’s hard not to tune it out… “Yeah sure, I’m special, and I need to eat a well balanced diet, say no to drugs, brush my teeth twice a day, and not run with scissors. 1,151 more words