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Why are bullies, bullies? 

I’ve always wondered as to why bullies are the way they are. Like why on earth do people put others down and make them feel like utter crap? 192 more words


The Trouble with Trump, from an Educator's Perspective

I have grave concerns about the prospect of Donald Trump as president. If we are all honest with each other, I would suspect most Americans have concerns, even those who voted for him. 906 more words

The Earth Beneath Our Feet

Laura and I have done some house-sitting in both California’s exclusive enclave of Montecito, known for the celebrities who live there, and Santa Barbara with its beautiful harbor, the Channel Islands off the coast, and the Pacific Ocean beyond. 610 more words

The Power Of Words

To the people who've hurt me

I have panic attacks about you. Of course, I’ve had panic attacks that weren’t your fault, but oftentimes they are.

Did you even realize what you were doing was wrong? 1,065 more words

Mental Illness

A Bugs Life (Disney) - 1998

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A Bug’s Life


A colony of ants, in addition to collecting food for themselves for the long winter months, are forced by a band of bullying grasshoppers to give a large portion of what is collected to them as well. 859 more words


Just Saying: Bullying and Political Theater

Jennifer Holliday receiving death threats and backlash over performing at the Trump inauguration as reported in a CNN article is bullying pure and simple. It is not honorable. 365 more words

Track Review: 'I Belong In Hell' by Jodie H. Dunn

Jodie H. Dunn is a young, but supremely talented singer-songwriter hailing from Swindon who uses her life experience as material for her powerful and heartfelt songs. 307 more words