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BookS on MondaY: Who inspires you to do good? How might we teach our children about these individuals? Mary Feliciani talks about Martin Luther King, Jr., Ghandi, & others in her book for middle grade students HUMANITARIANS, VISIONARIES, & YOU

By Leslie Lindsay

An absolutely fascinating and thought-provoking collection of inspiring individuals, past and present, HUMANITARIANS, VISIONARIES, HEROES, & YOU is exactly perfect for the middle grade reader, and their parents/guardians/teachers.  1,407 more words

Leslie Lindsay

Bullying And Cyber-Threats: The (Teen) Experts Speak

“Stricter parents make sneakier children.”

That was one of the gems offered Thursday night. The Westport Arts Center and Anti-Defamation League presented a workshop on “What Children Wish Their Parents Knew About Bullying, Cyber-Bullying and Name-Calling.” It was part of the WAC’s current “More Than Words” exhibition, about that topic. 551 more words


Finding Safe Havens

Over the break, I was introduced to an article about a teenager in Texas who committed suicide because she was being bullied about her weight. It’s a shame to see how many teen suicides there have been recently, and almost all stemming from some type of bullying. 142 more words


You laughed but I'm Sorry 

I’m sorry…

You laughed, called me “blackie”, reminded me of how I was “too dark” to do this or that, made me believe that somehow the darkness of my skin had a direct relationship with my beauty and the quality of my life, made me go home and stand in front of my mirror and cry my eyes out, made me wish I was just a tad bit lighter, like the most beautiful girl in class. 284 more words

Wytches: Volume 1, by Scott Snyder and Jock / ****

Horror and comic books (graphic novels, if you like) go together about as seamlessly as you could imagine. After all, there’s something perfect about the idea of marrying the unease of a horror tale with the unsettling, nightmarish imagery that a great comic artist is capable of – and that tradition goes back for generations. 727 more words

Book Reviews

Christian YA Fiction- Writing the Good with the Bad

While working on a novel I am writing, I have come across a few challenges. Now, this is nothing surprising as every writer is confronted with struggles in their work, but I find that the problems I have run into might possibly pose a threat to my acceptance in the publishing world that I hope to enter. 865 more words

PSA: The Labels Need to Stop

How many times have you looked at someone and thought you knew exactly the type of area they came from? So many times we’re quick to look at someone and give them a label whether it be “preppy,” “white trailer trash,” “from the ghetto,” etc. 479 more words