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The day that should never have dawned

Can emotional bullying be as devastating and intense as physical abuse? Here is a first-hand experience!

Being meticulous at every step of my life, I was not lackadaisical about shifting to a new hostel for a month. 655 more words



You’re vile, you’re sick,
putting the one you love through hell,
he punches walls, screams into pillows, and can’t sleep at night,
because of you. 130 more words


Portrait of Scat: Night

Scat lived in the time when we scarred the most. She was a mixture of impressions from the beginning to the end, and yet indefinable, always. 681 more words

Dingus, Handy Hints for Your New Life.

Dingus, right now you believe you have won the grand prize. You have Wingus all to yourself. Whilst I would hate to rain on your parade, in the spirit of sisterhood I would like to make a few suggestions to ease you into the new life you will have with Wingus. 746 more words

Gender Gap and Class-Room Divide

From little snippets I remember from my A level Sociology classes, in case studies girls came out as worse bullies than boys. Although mostly psychological in nature, bullying from girls was generally considered more common place and much harsher. 574 more words


Take A Chunk Outta Me

while you draw your hard lines
and box with your words
i struggle in time
with the death-rattle birds

and thoughts like hyenas’
gibbering glee… 10 more words


Whilst people are busy focusing on you, you are evolving becoming a stronger better you. Whilst people are busy putting you down, your on a journey of personal growth.

39 more words