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"Black Leaders" -- from *Bulworth*

Most people, if they remember the movie Bulworth (1998) at all, remember Warren Beatty’s Senator Jay Bulworth and his bad socially conscious rapping. He has some big monologues about the media and race relations and healthcare. 246 more words

Another Ghost

You got to be a spirit! You can’t be no ghost.”

A common thing you hear from Trump supporters, is that they’ve finally found a politician who isn’t burdened by political correctness. 393 more words

Political Commentary

Buster Keaton, Seven Chances, and Warren Beatty?

Warren Beatty’s audacious and scarily prescient political satire Bulworth (1998) depicts Beatty as a California Senator seeking reelection who’s become so disillusioned with the ineffectiveness of politics that he hires a hit man to finish him off. 295 more words

Silent Movie Locations

PTS Presents Writer's Workshop with Jeremy Pikser


Podcasting Them Softly is thrilled to present a chat with special guest Jeremy Pikser. Jeremy is the Oscar nominated co-writer of Warren Beatty’s hilarious and more relevant than ever political satire Bulworth. 144 more words

Film Review

Warren Beatty's Howard Hughes Movie is More About Himself Than it is About Howard Hughes

Movie Review: Rules Don’t Apply


PG-13 | 2h 6min

Director: Warren Beatty

Stars: Lily Collins, Haley Bennett, Taissa Farmiga

by Jason Koenigsberg

Warren Beatty is one of the most enigmatic and unique figures in Hollywood history. 1,021 more words

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