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Hypocrisy And Hubris: 10 Films That Reflect The 2016 Election

A still from the film “Weiner.” (Courtesy of IFC Film)

The political season is well upon us, more vehemently and contentiously so than past presidential primaries, especially given the surprising number of upstarts, lack of usual faces and an arguably unpopular field. 1,500 more words


Catching Up...

“Hello? It’s me!” So far 2016 has kept me occupied with work and other matters of life, but I’m hoping things will slow down soon so I can start posting again. 556 more words


04/25/16 - Election Outcome


Regarding Election Outcomes


Another Bathroom Controversy 


Honor Thy Temple

Please don’t let this be you.


The Foundation for Being Extraordinary… 778 more words

I'm Tired Of Being Ordinary

Election Burnout?

Even if you’re competently media literate, it might be hard not to feel pretty burned out from the non-stop buzz of images and sounds from all the electioneering.   74 more words

Chapter 6

10/7/2015: Bulworth

Once a week for the past six years – a streak that could not be interrupted even by Superstorm Sandy – the New York Movie Klub has gathered its 20 or so members to share a film with each other. 1,767 more words

The New York Movie Klub

Jeremy Pikser: the Hope-Dread Axis and the Potential for Good

Jeremy Pikser is an award-winning screenwriter, best known for “Bulworth” (co-written with Warren Beatty), which was nominated for an Academy Award, Golden Globe, and WGA Awards for best screenplay, and won the LA Film Critics Best Screenplay award for 1998.  3,359 more words


UNDERCLASS Issue Two Arrives

Thanks to either:

1) A rip in the space time continuum found in the depths of the R&D wing.


2) Poor time management and technical deficiencies in the editorial department. 159 more words