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Nyingkahkeun Bangbaluh


Leumpang ngagandeuang bari héhéotan. Haté bungangang sabab geus kacumponan kahayang. Dunya béngras titingalian cékas. Karasa bangbaluh écag tina taktak, leungit sanggeus bieu kabawa palid ku cai leuwi nu ngagulidag. 123 more words


The unwelcome injection

In preparation for my trip I realised I needed to get a couple injections. I book my appointment, turn up and get my first two injections. 375 more words


How to lose stubborn thigh and bum fat

Do your weight loss attempts leave you slim on top, but still decidedly chunky from the waist down? You are not alone. Stubborn weight on the buttocks, hips and thigh areas is a common female complaint. 1,192 more words

Primal 101

Why do dogs sniff each other’s bums?

This is a question I asked myself every time my pooch sniffed a fellow canines butt.

I used to assume it was to check whether they had crossed paths before and to greet one and other, but it turns out that it’s slightly more complex than that. 115 more words