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Current Hair Products + Keeping a Healthy Balayage

I believe taking care of my hair is just as important as taking care of my skin. Yes, I have dyed my hair multiple times before, not all of it, but since I was about 15 I’ve had highlights and I recently got a balayage, and when you do these things your hair gets fragile and it’s necessary to take even more care of it than before. 725 more words



Good evening lovelies!

Today as I was cleaning out my bookcase of some of my old books from when I was younger, I happened across one of my favorite series at the time: The Clique. 448 more words



Good evening lovelies!

I have at least 50,000 hair products in my routine at any given time – not because I need them, but just because I’m a product junkie.  638 more words


Don't fight with your hair; Sumo's new additions are fresh out the heya and ready to rock!

So what the heck is a heya? A heya is the Japanese term for “stable quarters” or the living quarters of a sumo wrestling organization. … 946 more words

Serenity Salon | How a Fresh Hairstyle Got Me Feelin' Myself 💁

WHERE ARE ALL MY “HAIR IS MY SECURITY BLANKET” LADIES AT?! You know who you are – you dread going to the hairdressers for fear of sitting silently in that chair while someone chops off your precious tresses as you silently scream (or in my case cry) as they totally mangle your beautiful locks. 734 more words


Hair Care Routine

I was hesitant to do this post because I don’t like to come across as braggadocious. Bragging about stuff just isn’t my style AT ALL, but as a blogger, I have to work on getting over that and being open regardless of how it comes across. 736 more words

Bumble & Bumble Hair

You have five minutes to get ready; three to get dressed and two, less if possible, to do your hair. If you have medium to long-hair you know that two minutes for hair is inconceivable. 300 more words