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Interesting POF Messages

I honestly have not gone through my 42+ (POF) Plenty of Fish messages since I am no longer interested in dating. I need to figure out how to pause the profile or just delete it all together. 549 more words


Online Dating - My Soul Has Been Sucked Dry

I am DONE. My soul cannot take this anymore. Online Dating isn’t for me or dating at all. I am taking a break and focusing on other things in my life. 528 more words


Curating That Perfect Profile

I have seen enough profiles, listened to enough relationship podcasts, and discussed with enough of my male friends to know what goes into curating the perfect profile. 517 more words

Organic Dating - Guy #4 WP D now DP D

Here’s the latest but definitely not the greatest. I met WP D a month or two ago at the pool because my friend invited him and she has tons and tons of guy friends and is a big social butterfly. 1,644 more words


Dreamscape XV

The Bumble girls, MoominFan, and RedFlags are all out of the picture with clear blue water now.

MoominFan and I exchanged a few more messages in which she said that we were both looking for a serious relationship but she had realised she wasn’t able to follow through right now, and I explained why I thought we were a particularly good match – and had the potential to be more than just two people looking for the same thing at the same time. 433 more words

Sunday Night Swiping

You spent your Sunday hungover with no one to cuddle you, binge watch TV with you, or to enable your unhealthy day of feeling like a bottomless pit. 311 more words

Date From Your Couch

The era of online dating has officially begun. With coronavirus, many of us have resorted to online apps. Now that we’re spending most of our time at home, here are some ideas for dating from home! 361 more words