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Cloth Diaper Confessions: Prints! Prints! Prints!

When I started the cloth diaper collecting in 2010, my first printed cloth diaper was a Rumparooz Eco Owl diaper. Back then, it wasn’t really collecting. 604 more words


bumGenius One Size Pocket Diaper 4.0 (Hook & Loop) Butternut

Cloth diapering has never been so easy! bumGenius One-Size Cloth Diapers feature our patent pending butterfly closure system to provide a comfortable, trim fit. This simple design makes cloth diapering as easy as using disposables. 182 more words

Yea, I Use Cloth Diapers

From the time I found out we were going to have a baby, I strongly considered using cloth diapers. I nannied a couple of years ago for a family that used them, but I had never seen anyone else use them before, I forgot they were even a thing! 1,586 more words

Ways to expand your cloth diaper stash for little $$$

So you’ve taken the leap into cloth diapering. You’ve researched. You have your own reasons to do this, be it environmental, financial, or just because the covers are very cute. 583 more words


Hope Box

I started a Hope Box, filled with all the things I wanted my future child to have, when I was around sixteen, so way before Note was even born and I could even think about having children. 449 more words


BumGenius 40 Pocket Cloth Diaper Snap Grasshopper One Size Best

Some things to keep in mind before you purchase the diaper bag are the following: material, the cost, style and not least the size.

Diaper bag styles, as well as prices can really vary You’re sure to find a… 339 more words

Details bumGenius OneSize Hook Loop Closure Cloth Diaper 40 Grasshopper

Sl or Slip crochet- The slip stitch is mainly used to connect two pieces of crocheted work together. Such as to form a circle, for crocheting in the round type pattern. 297 more words