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I can't afford to use cloth nappies, can I?

I have been speaking to a few people recently about reusable nappies and when asked why they decided not to try them there is a common answer: they are too expensive. 599 more words

Reusable Nappies

Help! How do I decide which nappy to buy?

At Nappy Ever After we know it’s overwhelming to look at nappies on the internet so we offer nappy demonstrations at our shop.  However not all of you can visit so here’s a post to replace or precede your visit. 1,077 more words

Reusable Nappies

The Great Poop-splosion of '15

Let me just tell you now, if you’re not a parent, or can’t deal with poop stories, stop reading now. Head down to my grocery shopping post, or perhaps my post on how darn hard parenthood can be. 729 more words


Thinning out our bumGenius Freetimes

The time has come where I’ve finally realised and accepted that our ever-increasing pile of beautiful cloth nappies is directly proportionate to the ever-decreasing amount of funds we have available to buy food. 585 more words


Why we are not at the #Baby Show

The Baby Show is on and we are often asked why we don’t attend.  The reason: the events company that runs the Baby Show also holds arms fairs. 85 more words

Reusable Nappies

Reusable Nappies at 8 months, going strong!

If you have read my previous two posts about reusables, (one written whilst pregnant and one at 5 weeks), you will know I started out with newborn ones, and moved on to the Birth to Potty ones, which are one size – they have three rows of poppers on the front which you have poppered up at first, and as baby gets bigger you popper up the next row, and then finally they are completely unpoppered. 923 more words


Hold Onto Your (rubber) Pants!

Two years ago, when my sister told me she was going to cloth diaper her son, my fingers immediately went to a scar on my upper thigh. 714 more words