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BumGenius 40 Pocket Cloth Diaper Snap Grasshopper One Size Best

Some things to keep in mind before you purchase the diaper bag are the following: material, the cost, style and not least the size.

Diaper bag styles, as well as prices can really vary You’re sure to find a… 339 more words

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Sl or Slip crochet- The slip stitch is mainly used to connect two pieces of crocheted work together. Such as to form a circle, for crocheting in the round type pattern. 297 more words

BumGenius 40 Pocket Cloth Diaper Grasshopper One Size Hook

Now that you see what all the abbreviations stand for, you can learn what each stitch does to the item you are making. There are a few more terms you have to learn thus to be able to make the correct size, etc. 236 more words

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There are only two countries in the world who manufacture certified organic cotton, China and India. Organic cotton is not exposed to pesticides or chemicals during the growing process, and hence is not considered harmful to baby’s skin. 266 more words

Hello mamas!

This time last year I got married and ran off to Burning Man for the first leg of my honeymoon, thats where the unthinkable happened… I got pregnant! 218 more words


It's Laundry Day

A lot of the questions I get, pertaining to CDs, are about laundry. Thus, a post devoted to laundry!

My daughter is 3 and a half months old. 494 more words


Cloth Diaper FAQs

When I tell people that I use cloth diapers, I am usually bombarded with at least 20 questions. I thought it may be helpful to write some of them down. 576 more words