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Nothing goes according to the plan

Sometimes we embark in ventures and projects with a clear idea of our goals, a defined timeline to respect and the necessary resources. We put in our best good will and hardworking ethic, because we really want to make it happen. 442 more words


The next big tech IPO of the year is starting to look like a bummer

(Source: www.businessinsider.sg)

Nutanix’s long-awaited IPO may be nearing — but at a lower price than anticipated.

According to an updated regulatory filing disclosed Monday, Nutanix is pricing its shares in the range of $11 to $13. 256 more words


My Console

[17th March 2014]


Our floor is in slight mourning… we lost our common room PlayStation! Someone came to claim it!

Us “new” people who just moved in this year thought the PlayStation was part of the common room furnishings, provided by the landlord. 222 more words

To love.

What do you think happens when summer falls for winter?
When the fire falls for ice?
Yes. “Bummer!”
Do you really think to love is a choice?

-The Gypsy

not amused

Upon checking the state of the great outdoors this morning, my little cat Lilly was not amused. Everything wet, one wouldn’t leave a dog out in this weather. 20 more words

On How It Is


When I was young, I wanted to avoid failure.  I was smart, failure is for losers.

It turns out that failure is for generals who win wars, scientists who forge new answers, all overcomers, athletes who set records, and entrepreneurs who build new ventures. 39 more words

Issue 593 - "Diary of a Madman"

Hey everybody! Ready to hear about a bummer of a comic? Yeah, I’m not psyched to talk about it either, but this is the number I pulled, so this is the issue I’ve got t talk about. 1,118 more words

Bat Signal