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Fencing will never end

Here we are again doing that thing that never ends, fencing. Annmarie called me this morning to tell me that two more lambs were getting rejected and I missed a ewe when I put the sheep in last night. 507 more words


Hawk ears

It happens every year, we have our first bummer. The weird part is it’s almost always caused by humans. When we first started having sheep they would go down near the front spring and have babies and the babies would get wet and cold or drown. 1,297 more words


Zelda's Story In Breath of the Wild Is Powerful, But Also A Bummer

(Source: kotaku.com)

Breath of the Wild makes you care about Zelda by making her pain palpable. By that measure, Zelda’s journey is a good story that accomplishes what it sets out to do. 217 more words


Thanks, full.

This year I’m not going to be pigging out. No ‘gobble til you wobble’ for me.

Disclaimer: this post is going to be a bit of a “bummer” if you’re trying to enjoy your holiday. 640 more words



When mulling over what hits me hardest about my decaying mental health exhaustion isn’t generally a factor which screams out at me, it is more like a constant travelling companion. 397 more words


all i wanted

it’s painful to know i’m on the other side of a forlorn love song.

that i’m the one who made the mistake.

the pain she felt will fade in time, but my pain has barely begun. 6 more words


I didn’t like Hampshire College at all

“I didn’t like Hampshire College at all, but I did like the professor I had that was the main guy. I graduated from there. It was a place with no grades and no majors. 260 more words

Elliott Beyond "playing It Safe Is The Most Popular Way To Fail"