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American Horror Story: Season 3 Episode 1

-yep, she is definitely brushing blood on her face…um..
-New season, same awful jump cuts
-Witch Boarding School; alright, I’m on board so far… 176 more words

American Horror Story

A Bad Lunch

I wasn’t feeling well today.

I woke up early, around 6am, but decided it wasn’t worth going in to work early, since my meeting with the team wasn’t until 9:30am. 259 more words

Oh, Bummer!

This blog strictly with the home team of F,S&HG!
Honing Discernment & Informing Choice.
Challenging but not aiming to hurt feelings.
If its out there, & worthy of remark, well, what do you expect!? 11 more words

Conspiracy Theory

Missed Out!

This past sunday I had a game. It was said to rain! So it was off, but by a magical force looking after the rink (the Hockey Gods), it dried in time! 165 more words

Santa Barbara Hockey

Day 63 - I Missed Today by an Hour!

You know those days when you totally forget to write a blog? So far, in my 60 something days of doing this blog, today is the first time I have missed my daily deadline. 441 more words

Life Update

The Grimy Details: Taking It All Off in New Orleans

For the first month we lived in New Orleans, Bummer and I lived over a bar where the clientele was Mississippi river rat by day and drag queen by night. 940 more words


NOVEL UPDATE: Why I'm NOT Getting Published

I got quite the blow to my man-nuggets yesterday…

…and I’m sorry to inform everyone my first book will not be dropping in May. In fact, none of my books are on a publishing contract anymore. 174 more words