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Cahoots: (n) colluding or conspiring together secretly.

By cracky, it’s just not groovy to use the word “cahoots” even if it does sound boss.

What a bummer. 230 more words

B Words

10 Bummers in the Movie Theater

by Viki

This is just a fun little list of things that constantly annoy me in movie theaters and maybe I can raise some awareness concerning this troubling issue. 970 more words



Hi again,

Unfortunately, I didn’t find a programmer and sound designer yesterday, so the game cannot be released today. But I did finish up the sprite I was working on yesterday, so at least that is done. 39 more words

Ready for summer ...

I didn’t mind the colder and rainier weather we had this past winter and Spring. I actually liked it. Which is really weird for me. Recently we have had the return of our gorgeous sunny and warm California weather. 40 more words

Life's Little Lessons

ACL recovery: Weeks 2 and 3.5

ACL emails: Week 2

This is going to be the first in a whole series of email updates that I’ve sent out, detailing my diagnosis and hopefully my recovery from this latest injury. 698 more words

Torn ACL