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NOVEL UPDATE: Why I'm NOT Getting Published

I got quite the blow to my man-nuggets yesterday…

…and I’m sorry to inform everyone my first book will not be dropping in May. In fact, none of my books are on a publishing contract anymore. 174 more words


Take My Virginity, Please: How All This Shit Started

I lost my virginity when I was fifteen to a boy who stayed alive on raw cookie dough and who shared my enthusiasm for the The Cure.   1,061 more words


What You Think About You Bring About

Hey guys! I’m not dead! I have seriously hated everything I’ve written in the last 20 days so much that I couldn’t bring myself to post it for you to read. 384 more words

BeMUSEd Thoughts

Nihilistic jogging bummer that smells like coconuts. 

My nihilism has spread to all hours of the day. 

I’ve tried jogging twice a day in hopes that the repetition and severe cold will break my mood.  204 more words

Judgement Day

The ballots have been tallied
And the envelopes are sealed
The paragraphs prepared for when
The winners are revealed

It’s lots of fun but when we’re done… 18 more words


Words are dumb but so am I

How do you say
“I miss what we had
but I want it with someone else”
in a phone conversation about
Netflix movie recommendations?

There’s so many ways… 151 more words