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Bumpy train ride from Weligama to Negombo

Today we took off to Colombo and then to Negombo for a house sit that starts on Thursday/Friday.
After two weeks in Weligama, last night was party night at “our” Sri Lankan family’s house! 274 more words



Oohhh all my life (well a good amount of my life), I have been fighting this issue. Some weeks, I am perfectly fine. Face feels smooth, look nice in the pictures I take, no blackheads and no whiteheads. 339 more words

Analyzing 101

Young Amanita by msedg

While hiking with my kids recently we came upon this young Amanita that had just cleared the “duff” While these mushrooms are young the cap color and scaling are striking. 7 more words


Hit a bump on the road?

The Road if you continue will be full and plentiful.
Keep Walking!

Live.Love & Learn

T Thinks....it's Time To Be Done With My Mom.

It s been a bumpy 10-12days. After much work with processing trauma over the past 10wks, my mom popped into my life again and asked to see my kids. 88 more words

The road is long

The road is long and rough;
Yet, on it others have traveled;
And safely have they arrived;
Same, I will do;
I will keep on going; 56 more words