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Pattern repeat on Photoshop is my favourite thing!! I completely forgot how much i love it.

I wanted to put my hand drawn designs into Photoshop so i could play around with scale and how it affects the design. 118 more words


Repeat Pattern

One of the themes of my project is repetition, so obviously i have been drawn to repeat pattern.

For these drawings i have focused on a few key shapes of both male and female bums. 46 more words


Drawing Large Scale

I wanted to draw large scale because i felt the need to make big marks instead of working in sketchbooks, so i used A2 paper or i stuck two together to make A1. 121 more words


Sounds Like Jerusalem

A woman hollering non-stop in Hebrew or in Arabic, I cannot tell from here; cats going at it; dogs barking; the automated announcement on the bus passing by; the muezzin calling fellow Muslims to prayer at 4am;  birds chirping…Perched in a 3rd floor apartment in the German Colony, or  515 more words

Essays & Reflections

The Homeless: To Hell With Them

Not too long ago, I moved to a new neighborhood in Albany.  The Park South neighborhood is vibrant, full of life and, for  me, close to the historic Washington Park.  283 more words

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Bums, Jesus and caring for bummer lambs

Today a bum came up to me as I was sitting in my vehicle scarfing down my secret indulgence – Taco Bell. He asked me if I could give him a $1.80 to add to the meager change he had already collected to catch a bus. 1,129 more words