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111 - Beyond The Boobs

Poem number 111
Beyond The Boobs
Buns and baps and wobbly bits
The ladies have nice parts
But a lady who eats lots of beans… 55 more words


Checking out a girl's bums

I often find myself checking out girls’ bums / bodies in general, not in a lusty, demeaning kind of way, but truly as an act of genuine natural admiration. 39 more words


You Gotta See This: Toronto Youth Shorts 2016 (Round 2)

Short films are the biggest barometer of cinema’s direction and the biggest predictor of the future Who’s Who of the film industry.¬†Always watch short films that come out today, because these are going to be the auteurs, the provocateurs, the Blockbuster-makers of tomorrow. 721 more words


#DoWhatuLike2Number1 - 25 Years Since Take That Released "Do What U Like"


It’s been 25 years since Take That released their first single and it only reached Number 82 in the official UK charts.

Let’s hope it get’s back to Number One and they have to remake the video! 24 more words


.@naked_rowers do a naked striptease

The Warwick Rowers are back, well kind of. On what seems to be a photo-shoot somewhere sunny (hopefully for their new calendar). Here they are re-enacting that famous scene from the 1997 film ‘The Full Monty’ and unfortunately as the Hot Chocolate song states they do leave their hats on. 328 more words


Free ride bums and homeless

Well the nice weather is here and just like the seasons come and go we will be expecting to see the usual free loaders on the corners with their hands out looking for free money. 444 more words