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Whether you call them by the term bums or the more forgiving “the homeless,” the streets of Southern California are filling up with raggedy men (and some women) who are living off the streets, They like to position themselves near markets and convenience stores and ask for the inevitable “spare change.” Across the street from where I live, there are several more-or-less permanent tents where several bums (yeah, these guys are properly called bums) spend the night, howling at the moon. 254 more words

Southern California

A unique way to ask for money

Between New Orleans, Memphis and New York I think I have seen and heard it all when it comes to people panhandling. No I am not talking about Social Media panhandling for free tickets, those people are now unfollowed and I don’t see their feeds anymore. 647 more words

CBT Takes On NYC

The skinny-thick girl body and how to get it

Girls everywhere are endlessly scrolling through Instagram, liking their mates’ night-out pictures, wondering if that girl is ‘just his sister’ and asking themselves how the bloody hell do some of these bodies exist and how can they get one? 651 more words

Shots & Giggles


“Don’t act a punk with a gun to your head.” – Wise saying by Shiraku Tess ☺

This is a saying from a book of wise sayings I’m working on called ‘Tess’ Wise Sayings’. 535 more words


Dimples of Venus and Falling Parrot Coloured Leaves

Dimples Of Venus

I’ve hair on my bums, very thin layer. I like them. Women tend to like swaying when their hands are on them. It was embarrassing the first time, it wasn’t anymore after. 417 more words


Can we confirm if Cherokee's huge bums are naturals?!

Some rumour mongers would always find a way to spread the word and spark-up an argument about just anything worth taking notice of.
Enjoy some special snapshots of sexy Miss Cherokee D’Ass big b00tie presented here: http://goo.gl/ymdzy6

Our massive TOP3 ebony large bums....so sweet!

Who doesn’t love to see some big bootie or boobs that are just too great to ignore…

We’ve got the biggest baddest b00ties that could make a guy raise a quick boner! 10 more words