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Chuckles are Polite Lies!

Chuckles are an interesting tool that I employ often. Some are genuine, many are not. They should convey that something provided a little bit of entertainment but did not warrant a full laugh. 139 more words

Indian girl

Indian girl
From India I mean
All dressed up and sexy
Parisian girl all the way
Second generation
Coming home late on Line 9
Poor part of town… 69 more words

Creative Writing

Pererin Pt. 3 The Buddha

In my late teens, I heard the saying “You can’t go home again.” and thought to myself that a person could never reclaim the feelings of safety before they left. 1,478 more words


I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction I want to take in my life. Where I want to be in 5 years, art-wise and career-wise. 263 more words


Pererin Part 1

I find myself circling around Jack Kerouac’s Dharma Bums once again. There have been people who say On the Road captured The Beat Generation as Hemingway’s… 1,263 more words

SB Pairs Special

This week is Spring Break and I am not in SB so although you may have been anticipating another great SB Pairs read, I will instead be mostly talking about the drug epidemic that is testing our nations ethics. 357 more words



Whether you call them by the term bums or the more forgiving “the homeless,” the streets of Southern California are filling up with raggedy men (and some women) who are living off the streets, They like to position themselves near markets and convenience stores and ask for the inevitable “spare change.” Across the street from where I live, there are several more-or-less permanent tents where several bums (yeah, these guys are properly called bums) spend the night, howling at the moon. 254 more words

Southern California