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Late on Line 9
Shitty day outside
Two bums, homeless
A man and a woman
Drunk and not worried
“When I was 19
We had a drink called… 58 more words

Creative Writing

LOL and Stuff

I saw an episode of Come Dine With Me where one contestant actually said the letters OMG quite a few times.  She obviously wasn’t trying to be funny – saying this seemed to come out as part of her normal conversation, but I do wonder why anyone would actually say the letters rather than the words in the first place.  442 more words

What goes around comes around

“What goes around comes around”

5 latex bums, Touchboard, speaker.

One is nasty and the other is violent. Who’s worse?

“What goes around comes around” is my new nasty interaction based on Goya’s etching “Se quebró el cántaro”. 36 more words


Fat Girl's Guide


The logical thing any (skinny) person will say is, if you’re unhappy with your weight then do something about it. Then the slow motion montage will begin to play with inspirational, heroic music going on in the background. 581 more words


EPISODE #26: Karl Marx's Rusty Bullethole


Remember, remember, the first podcast of November! The gunpowder trio and show; I know of no reason, why this Discharge podcast should ever be forgot! 144 more words


A City Night

“Brother, you got a light?” asks a gravelly

Voice corrugated and cracked – striking

Flame against the moon with circling smoke

Drawn long and hard, an apparition seeking… 7 more words


Blood and magic

The rock is bigger than me, it’s been here longer than me, I remember seeing it as a child, it’ll probably be here when I’m gone, and I hate it for that, I want to destroy it, to break its grip on time, but I don’t, and I can almost feel it growing. 291 more words