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ms been there did that

It’s trying to describe a smell with touch without the synesthesia.

Miguel calls me, he says he felt a brief excitement attack when entering the mall, like everyone was looking at him, an Inception moment, he just needed a familiar voice. 198 more words


Whither the Homeless

We see them every day—standing at freeway exits—holding signs “Will Work for Food,” but what they really want is cash—everybody knows that!

We call them “bums.” 426 more words


Dear Ladies,
You don’t need to strip down to your bra & panties, bend over to show your cleavage, biting your lips to get attention. You think your beauty is based on the amount of likes/comments you get on those pictures, coming from guys who don’t even care about you? 141 more words


Bottoms In Bikinis

On Holiday in the South of France we spent the day in our swimming cosies amongst 5000 others. Here is a cross section of the bums I encountered there. 20 more words


Scenes from San Francisco

So I spent the last two and a half months in San Francisco unable to do any paid work, accompanied by the unnerving sound of a gradually dwindling bank account. 31 more words


Anyone can do it

It was when I was cleaning my grandma’s cat’s litter box, the smell, the scene, the dryer tumble, I thought God, I know you’re not there but, if you are, if you’re just fucking around, give me a heart attack real quick, I just want to miss eight months maybe, then wake me up. 155 more words


Any Emotions 

It’s a weird place to be, a pow wow, everyone is dressed like superheroes, the dissonant vocals and steady beats. I haven’t really liked them since I was a kid, and even then it was only for the arcades and food. 505 more words