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The Homeless: To Hell With Them

Not too long ago, I moved to a new neighborhood in Albany.  The Park South neighborhood is vibrant, full of life and, for  me, close to the historic Washington Park.  283 more words

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Bums, Jesus and caring for bummer lambs

Today a bum came up to me as I was sitting in my vehicle scarfing down my secret indulgence – Taco Bell. He asked me if I could give him a $1.80 to add to the meager change he had already collected to catch a bus. 1,129 more words


A tale of bums or butts and the bigger picture 

I know that I’m probably late coming on to this conversation but I decided to chip in anyway. I’m talking about this whole fake bum dealio. 1,017 more words



doin a little more than breathing.
EUTHENASIA IS MURDER, at least as a step in the right direction. medical bills and elderly care is expensive, privately or for the state. 136 more words

Night comes to Hobo Junction

The Sun eased itself down like a thick-tanned arthritic retiree into a too-hot Jacuzzi, throwing sheets of titian and merlot into the sky, that caught the evening wind and drifted off, leaving the velvet drapes of night in their wake. 847 more words