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We burned through as much karma as we could and it still wasn’t enough, we’re here, again.

I put the shirt on, the sigil on the chest means rage, it’s white, black, and red, as soon as it’s on, my hearts gone. 207 more words


Havin a chat - Part 3 Bums and Tums

Are you ready? Of course you are ~ its Part 3!

Thank you to those who have read 1 & 2 and for your honesty and sense of humour. 374 more words

My First Ever Blogs - So A Bit Of This And Touch Of That

Testing materials for the interactive bums

“What goes around, comes around”. Material tests.

Test #1: Jelly. Does not work.

Test #2: Latex. Too thick.

Test #3: Fake bums bought in a party supplier shop.

Good Choice.


Saw a few good horror movies

Shock waves(1977) is a Spooky low-budget movie about undead Nazis rising up to attack a group stranded on an island.  The death corps are different from the usual movie zombie types.  324 more words


Indian summer

It was such a nice day
Today in Paris
It shows underneath bedlam
On Line 9
Where the sun never shines
People walk
A quirky step… 13 more words

Creative Writing

The Bums

“Are you done yet?” Mama Betty asked. “Can I open my eyes then?”

“Jeeeeeez Mom! Just a second, there’s a bit left!” Frankie replied in embarrassment. 420 more words


Blight at first sight

The beggar, young and strong
Came in at Bonne Nouvelle
I couldn’t hear a thing
Of what he was mumbling
A woman looked at me… 29 more words

Creative Writing