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Beggars and Bums

A fire without heat
like a grave without dirt
is a life full of empty
until the sun rises again
as it always shall
on you beggars and bums. 140 more words


Thom's Thursday Thoughts on Bums

New York is a great city.

Tom would say, “What’s not to love: the subway runs twenty-four hours, you can drink water straight from the tap and buy some of the world’s best bagels for less than a dollar.” 576 more words



On Line 9
Among the bums
Sometimes you can tell
Where they’re from
Russians for example
Always wear army fatigues
And look 20 years older… 8 more words

Creative Writing

New Rules For Walking On The Sidewalk

Step on a crack, break your ex-mother in-laws back.

Step on a line, end up doing prison time.

Step on some gum, kiss a crazy bum. 153 more words


Underwear cookie recipe

We had loads of requests after our holiday party for our underwear bum cookies. This recipe is a specialty of our Underwoman Caroline’s mother, who makes these year round in many different shapes. 277 more words

And to all…

It is midnight on Line 9
And for Christ’s sake
It smells of eggnog and manure
Bums are there
Happy enough and twice drunk
For the occasion… 38 more words

Creative Writing

Silly Poem #232

A scientific discovery

Found eight out of ten

Guys prefer boobs to bums

(the others prefer men)!