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Surf Camp Australia

Setting off for surf camp on Monday 9th February everyone was really excited to get out of the city for a while, but I think only a few of us knew what to truly expect. 640 more words

The journey begins.

So just over two weeks ago I set out on my travels to head to Australia with a short three day stopover in Hong Kong. I’ll tell you one thing, there is nothing more valuable than this experience. 1,119 more words

Four years in Canada: Advice from the Professional Working Holiday-ers

This month marks four years since I left the UK for beautiful Vancouver. In some ways January 2011 seems so long ago, but in other ways the time has absolutely flown. 705 more words


Three Months In...

Time is a weird concept isn’t it? Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, and according to Doctor Who it’s not a strict progression from cause to effect but more like a non-linear, non-subjective big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey… 1,325 more words


Challenge what the future holds...

I ‘ve always loved the positive themes in this song, it’s a song of happy memories too… It seemed to always be on MTV the summer I worked in Ocean City, Maryland, USA. 82 more words

Song For A Sunday

Summer Camp Agencies: All About BUNAC

The next agency I want to tell you about in the ‘Summer Camp Agencies‘ series is BUNAC, one of the longest running companies who have been sending people to summer camp for over 50 years (with a brief closure of the program for the 2013 season), so they really do know what they’re talking about! 426 more words

Summer Camp