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Move Over Grumpy Cat

You’ve got some competition. “Fluffernutter disapproves of having his picture taken. This picture taken by Kelly C.”

Bunday Sleppy Time

If there’s anything better than cuddling with a Bebeh Bunneh on a Bunday Morning, I haven’t discovered it yet. NEED. BUNS. NOW.

“I’d like to share a video and two photos of the cutest baby bunnies snuggling and dozing off with me (Karen C.) on the couch. 46 more words

Bunday: Rabbits -N- Roombas

Let’s take a spin around the kitchen/living room before our Morning Carrot, OK? Wait—it’s GOT the carrots! It’s on the move! Hop to it, guys!

Bunday: Disapproving Nose On Nosevember 1st!

Can there BE a more Disapproving Nose? No. There cannot. Who is this? Looks familiar! “Hello! I sent some pictures along last spring of Luna The Bun… 42 more words

Last Bunday Of 'Tocktober!

Where HAS the time gone? Got some Double ‘Tocks this time around, thanks to Matthew & Kelley. “Dear C.O., please accept the Fluffy ‘Tocks of our Rescue Bunnies. 69 more words