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Germany also faces ever more unaffordable housing

The economy of Germany has been seeing good times as Chic would put it and this morning has seen an indicator of this. From Destatis. 1,460 more words

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Cash Refuses to Die, But the €500-Note Is a Goner

War-on-Cash Backlash.

“You got to be kidding, we can’t take that,” says the shop assistant as a man places a €500 bill in front of her for a €10 purchase. 210 more words

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“Cash Must Not Be Made the Scapegoat”

In the War on Cash, a rare defense of physical money by an ECB Board Member.

The proposed EU-wide cash restrictions could come into effect as early as this year. 268 more words

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Germany fiercely defends its trade surplus -- World anger mounts over "toxic trade surplus"

  • Germany has been often criticized for not using its budget leeway to make further investments, which ultimately could help out other embattled euro economies
  • However, in the eyes of the Bundesbank president, it is prudent to keep a positive output gap to ensure Germany’s finances won’t be damaged when demographic pressures kick in…
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Germany's central bank to place some currency reserves into yuan

Germany’s central bank is looking to place some of its currency reserves into yuan given the Chinese currency’s increased global role, although further preparatory work would be required to make a transaction, the Bundesbank said on Monday. 181 more words


Notes From Underground: Europe Takes Center Stage (Again)

It is always a pleasure to talk with the Richard Bonugli at the Financial Repression Authority. Like Anthony Cruedele of Futures Radio, Richard is a very astute financial mind, which allows for deep discussions in a longer format. 812 more words


Low risk of imminent ECB intrest rate hike

The risk of an imminent hike in the European Central Bank’s interest rates is low, Germany’s representative on the ECB’s rate-setting body said on Friday, reaffirming a pledge to keep policy easy for a long time to come. 149 more words