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Berlin, need I say more? (part 1)

Whenever I’m asked to share my favourite place in Europe, “Berlin” I always almost yell out. I can’t help it. It’s just one of those places that has such an amazing vibe and rawness, it’s an interesting place to be in. 846 more words


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Next Train Out posted a lovely review of a trip to Berlin! Read it below for an Asian's opinion on Berlin. Thanks, Nicole! :-)

Berlin. Reichstag building by MacBen

View across the Spree. Reconstruction ended in 1999 with the Bundestag. A great attraction visited in Germany

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Christmas in Berlin (Day 2)

Hey lets walk to that statue in the middle of the park. It can’t be more than a ten minute walk…

Oh how wrong we were! 1,008 more words


Stell Dir vor, es ist Krieg, ISAF geht, es gibt Kriegsopfer in Afghanistan mehr denn je – und kaum jemand hierzulande sieht noch hin (W. Nachtwei, 21.12.15)

Das folgende ist ein Kommentar zur Bundestagsdebatte im Dezember 2015 über die Fortsetzung und Aufstockung der „Resolute Support Mission“ in Afghanistan, der der frühere Grünen-MdB und langjährige Afghanistan-Beobachter Winfried Nachtwei am 21.12.2015 auf seiner eigenen, zu großen Teilen dem Thema Afghanistan gewidmeten… 1,231 more words


Revisiting West Germany's Response to Terror in the 1970-80s

By Will H. Moore

Peter Katzenstien’s 1990 monograph, West Germany’s Internal Security Policy: State and Violence in the 1970s and 1980s, provides several passages that make rather interesting in the context of contemporary Western democracy’s responses to the… 677 more words


Walking to Reichstag

We rarely ever book a tour when we travel so our visit to Reichstag had to start off with a map and lots of finger pointing on the map (usually from wife to me) of where we need to go. 903 more words


Ich bin eine Berlinerin!

On November 18th, the other CSU IP students and I boarded a train and traveled roughly 700 kilometers through Germany to Berlin. This was our last excursion put on by the program, and it was particularly special because it included all of the direct enrollment students that are studying at other Universities around Baden-Württemberg. 4,294 more words