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Visit to Bundestag

As I learned about German legislative system in my German course, I became fascinated about German politics. So I planned this visit few weeks ahead my trip to Berlin. 284 more words

Traveling Outside Munich

A Warm Willkommen

Saturday marked our penultimate excursion of the program wherein we boarded the bus to Ston and the peninsula of Peljesac. After about an hour on the bus, we stopped at a local oyster farm, whose aphrodisiacs are apparently the most infamous in all of Croatia due to their harvesting in the Mediterranean as opposed to the Atlantic. 2,316 more words


Kohl's Dream for the Euro 1998 Speech to Bundestag / Martin Armstrong

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Kohl’s Dream for the Euro 1998 Speech to Bundestag

by Martin Armstrong

Helmut Kohl was a powerful politician in Germany. He convinced the German people to enter the euro and his 1998 speech in Bundestag generated a vote of 632 out of 672 deputies who voted for the introduction of the euro, with only 35 in opposition. 64 more words

German Parliament approves new Greek bailout plan

AP and AFP

German Chancellor Angela Merkel in the Bundestag. Photo © Tobias Schwartz, AFP


German lawmakers voted Friday overwhelmingly in favor of the new bailout plan for Greece after Chancellor Angela Merkel argued that the cash-strapped country would face chaos without a deal. 295 more words

Europe Provides Bridging Loan To Greece Ahead Of Likely Third Bailout Talks

Europe moved to re-open funding to Greece’s stricken economy on Thursday after the parliament in Athens approved a new bailout program in a fractious vote that left the government without a majority. 1,069 more words

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