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Randnotizen & comments zur Bundestagswahl

Lange Überlegungen haben mich nun doch dazu bewogen, ebenfalls ein paar Statements, Randnotizen und comments zur vergangenen Bundestagswahl von letztem Sonntags, 27. September 2009 zusammenzutragen. Müßig deshalb, weil halbwegs jeder, der sich keine schwarze Brille aufzog oder… 299 more words


Es geht voran

Ein Leichnam beherrscht die Gesellschaft – der Leichnam der Arbeit.//krisis

Sie haben das Kreuz, wir haben die Macht. /ES

„Liberal sind wir schon, aber blöd sind wir nicht.”// 107 more words


Liberals, Pirates, and other winners: Germany has voted


THE VOTES ARE COUNTED, the champagne bottles stand empty, the tears of triumph and despair have been dried, and Europe’s most populous country is awakening to a new political dawn. 154 more words


die piraten haben es wohl nur auf 2% geschafft.

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Who I'd vote for: Election day in Germany

IT’S ELECTION DAY IN Germany, and even though I’m not allowed to vote, the country’s saturation with election posters and slogans could drive anyone half crazy. 79 more words

Al-Qaeda: "An attack on Germany is tempting"

WHENEVER BERLIN’S POLICEMAN START wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying submachine guns, you can tell there’s trouble brewing. This time the reason is clear: On September 25, just two days before the parliamentary election, both al-Qaeda and the Taliban threatened Germany with an attack within the next two weeks if it does not immediately withdraw its troops from Afghanistan. 145 more words

Wealth for everybody! How the Left Party wooes voters

NOT LONG AGO, I posted a sort of photo essay on Europe’s most bizarre political posters. I had great fun researching it, and some of the posters still make me snicker today. 139 more words