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Com medo de um grande conflito? Os militares alemães estão atualmente indisponíveis

Há três anos atrás em Berlim, as forças armadas da Alemanha fizeram manchetes de que utilizavam vassouras em vez de metralhadoras durante um exercício da OTAN, devido à escassez de armamentos. 691 more words


Somalia Now Finally At Peace

So it’s time for the German Bundeswehr troops stationed there to leave. All five (5) of them.

They couldn’t have done it without you five guy, guys. 65 more words


An International and Ecumenical Christmas Service

Friends of Padre Steve’s World,

Today was very busy but quite interesting as I had the honor of helping lead the German NATO contingent Christmas service and afterward to attend their Christmas party, complete with a visit from Saint Nikolas for the children. 320 more words

Loose Thoughts And Musings

Bundeswehr-Aufreger geplatzt


Ein Offizier der deutschen Bundeswehr hatte einen riesigen Rummel ausgelöst. Er war als rechtsextremer Terrorist verhaftet worden, weil er Anschläge geplant und einen rechtsextremen Ring in der Bundeswehr aufgezogen haben sollte. 413 more words


German Of The Day: Unfassbar

That means unfathomable or mind-boggling. And, well, actually, it isn’t.

Not at all. It is in fact not in the least unfathomable that of the 244 Leopard II tanks the… 79 more words


A transgender officer turned woman and orders 750 Bundeswehr soldiers

The Lieutenant-Colonel Anastasia Biefing, 43, has still her loud man voice but begins to transform into a woman even though her body, from her face to her thighs, still have a very masculine side. 133 more words