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A Defining Event with Murky Beginnings

Today marks the seventy-first anniversary of the July 20th Plot, the ill-fated attempt by a diverse group of German political and military leaders and intellectuals to assassinate Adolph Hitler, establish a provisional government, and demonstrate to the world that there were righteous Germans who refused to walk the genocidal path of Nazism. 406 more words

Jim Langcuster

Hackers Take Control of American Made German Military Missiles


Hmmmm. The hacked missiles were pretty close to Israel as the crow flies. It couldn’t be that the Israeli Mossad was testing out their hacking abilities, I suppose. 158 more words

Call Of Duty Gamer Accidentally Takes Over German Missile Battery

Or he’s just that good. Apparently the same guy who ruined the Bundestag’s computer network last month, an overzealous German Call of Duty gamer has now managed to get a German Patriot missile battery stationed in Turkey to carry out several strange and “unexplained” orders. 58 more words


Zwei Prozesse: Neues im Fall Farkhunda; Abschließendes zu Kunduz

Das folgende ist nicht mehr ganz taufrisch, soll aber trotzdem nachgetragen werden, da die Themen – der Lynchmord an einer jungen Kabulerin namens Farkhunda Malekzada und der Prozess gegen die Täter sowie das Bombardement der beiden Tanklaster in Kunduz – (inter)national einiges Aufsehen erregt hat. 2,064 more words


Bundeswehr / West German Canteen Set

After the partition of Germany into West and East Germany, both “halves” began to build armies. Initially, both supplied their troops with surplus Third Reich equipment. 612 more words

Bundeswehr receives first production-standard Puma AIFV

Jane’s is reporting that the German Army has received their first batch of production standard Puma Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicles at a ceremony at the Unterluss Proving Ground on June 23.   117 more words

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