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Germany struggles to find ways of spending extra cash on defence

Doubts emerge over how quickly military can absorb extra money

Staff shortages, inefficiencies and administrative bottlenecks mean that the German defence ministry already struggles to spend its current procurement budget in full © FT montage; Getty Images… 958 more words

Cases of Far Right extremism allegedly on the rise in the Germany military

The Left Party in Germany is alleging that cases of Far Right extremism in the Bundeswehr, the country’s army, have almost doubled. About 400 cases are under investigation… 66 more words


Unconditional obedience or conscientious disobedience? Which should it be for a soldier?

Interesting things are happening in Germany in relation to the army. Did you know that in early 2020 the British will close the last British garrisons in Germany and all units will be transferred to the UK? 690 more words

Com medo de um grande conflito? Os militares alemães estão atualmente indisponíveis

Há três anos atrás em Berlim, as forças armadas da Alemanha fizeram manchetes de que utilizavam vassouras em vez de metralhadoras durante um exercício da OTAN, devido à escassez de armamentos. 691 more words