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Bundi, Bundi!

Travelling by train in India is great fun. There are about six ‘classes’ and for our trip from Delhi to Bundi we chose …First Class! If only British Rail was so cheap! 459 more words


बूंदी की सुंदरता में चार चाँद लगाता है तारागढ़ दुर्ग और झीलें

  • राजस्थान के अरावली पर्वतमाला में बसे बूंदी ज़िले की सुरक्षा प्रहरी की तरह है बूंदी का तारागढ़ दुर्ग।
  • हाड़ा राजपूतों के अप्रतिम शौर्य और वीरता का प्रतीक बूंदी का तारागढ़ पर्वतशिखरों से सुरक्षित होने के साथ-साथ नैसर्गिक सौन्दर्य से भी ओतप्रोत है।
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Drawing our Rajasthan trip to a close in chilled out Bundi

Our journey to Bundi was an interesting one. We made it to Sawai Madhopur station and on to a train easily enough and the train journey to Kota is an quick couple of hours. 1,486 more words


Off the Tourist Trail

Bundi | Mount Abu


I’m in full on meltdown mode. We’re trying to get from the area around Ranthambore to Bundi, a smaller city in Rajasthan. 516 more words


Begum Sahib : The Beginning of a Saga

 “She who once dreamt of heaven, had to live in hell, and find peace in God.”

Jahanara as Princess

Such can be a description if we look at Jahanara Begum’s life.  4,158 more words


Dan's first week alone in India - Jaipur and Bundi

January 14, 2018
by Dan

With Christina gone to Rishikesh, I decided to stay put in Delhi one more day. Despite the smog I found a park, but the one I found was just barren and brown and dusty except for the trash littered everywhere. 3,215 more words


Jait Sagar of Bundi – A Timeless Journey

In the annals of Indian history, the name of Jaita Meena may not be known much. In 13th century on the edge of the Aravali Mountains Jaita ruled parts of Southeastern Rajasthan, which later came to be known as Hadoti.

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