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Chocolate and sour cream cake - a match made in heaven

This is a wonderful classic- a sour cream chocolate cake.

James Morton makes it with yogurt which is also great and he spices things up with a pinch (or three) of chilli powder. 309 more words


Gender Reveal Bundt

Here’s a simple way to make a “gender reveal” item for baby showers or other baby-related festivities.

You just need to make batter for any Bundt-style cake mold and then dye roughly a third of it the color you like. 193 more words


Lime syrup cake

Hot on the heels of iced bundt cakes, I decided to make some syrup cakes. There is no need for fancy miniature cake tins, as this recipe can be made in a loaf tin. 229 more words


Mini lime bundt cakes

Over the years I’ve noticed that I have become increasingly drawn to making smaller, individually portioned desserts, rather than one large cake or pudding. I guess we’re all more health conscious these days, but I still want to eat cake! 270 more words


{#BundtBakers} Chocolate Chip Cheese Cake

I had this brilliant Idea for this month’s Bundt Bakers’ SPRINKLES theme. Instead of going with a regular cake with colored sprinkles I decided to make a cheese cake ‘sprinkled’ inside with mini chocolate chips. 597 more words

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"Choose the Sprite" Cake

This is such a simple cake to make, anyone can do it! It is always a hit with missionaries and a great quick dish for Break the Fast – and the best part… THERE ARE ONLY 2 INGREDIENTS! 233 more words

Donut Forget Me Cake

Image – it’s Saturday morning, up bright and early and you’re headed to Winchell’s for a special treat.