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Trials of Osiris 2/24/17 – Skyline

Trials of Osiris Map


Trials of Osiris Bounties

Name Description Persistence Defeat 10 opposing Guardians in the Trials of Osiris. Determined 490 more words

Destiny Xur: Location & Inventory – 2/24/17

Xur’s Location for 2/24/17:

Vanguard Hall, by the Crucible Quartermaster

Exotic Gear:

Name Type Stats Cost Legacy Engram Helmet Engram 29 SC Twilight Garrison 123 more words

Destiny Daily 2/24/17: Kings of Decay, Control

Daily Heroic: Kings of Decay (Quest)

Old Russia, Earth Hunt the source of the Taken blight across the Cosmodrome.

Daily Crucible: Control (6v6)

The Crucible… 357 more words


This Week at Bungie - Better Plans | February 23rd

News // Destiny

This Week at Bungie – 02/23/2016 – Cozmo

This week at Bungie, we’re waging our usual battle in playtest.

Last week we launched Hotfix, which contained some impactful changes to the Destiny Sandbox. 1,675 more words

Destiny The Game

Destiny Daily 2/2317: Eye of a Gate Lord, Rift

Daily Heroic: Eye of a Gate Lord (Story)

Ishtar Sink, Venus Lure out the Vex Gate Lord that protects the Endless Steps and bring its head back to the Awoken. 387 more words


Destiny Armsday Guide 2/22/17 - God Roll Uffern HC4

The pick of the week last week was the Omolon Uffern HC4. With last week’s patch, hand cannons are back to reliably dominating the crucible and I hope you took the advice and picked up a package. 846 more words


Destiny Daily 2/22/17: The Prime's Path, Supremacy

Daily Heroic: The Prime’s Path (Quest)

Meridian Bay, Mars Hunt the Prime Servitor that has brought together the broken House of Wolves.

Daily Crucible: Supremacy (6v6) 343 more words