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Destiny 2 Gameplay Revealed - A Balancing of Hype and Concerns

Last week, Bungie finally revealed gameplay for Destiny 2, the much-anticipated sequel to their 2014 release. The sheer amount of information that has been released to the public since last Thursday has been absolutely astounding (given how many information/content droughts Destiny 1 experienced). 1,090 more words


'Destiny 2' Lost Sector Dungeons Are Hand Crafted Pieces Of Playable Art

One of the most interesting and unique things that Destiny 2 will have to offer, among the entire spree of amazing content in that universe, are the Lost Sectors. 261 more words


Destiny 2's familiarity is essential, not disappointing

The legend of Destiny is a tale of extremes. The game navigated the balance between dedicated adoration and overwhelming vitriol with a surprising amount of grace. 896 more words


Destiny 2: Pre-Order

With September 8, 2017 approaching faster than a bullet from Ice Breaker or Thorn don’t miss out on a great opportunity by pre-ordering Destiny 2… 78 more words

Destiny Weekend News (May 26)

Xur has arrived at the Tower across from the Speakers Observatory and Trials of Osiris is live on Frontier, view post for more details.

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Bungie Explains How They're Improving Destiny 2 Servers

(Source: kotaku.com)

If you’ve played a lot of Destiny, you know that connectivity issues can be a real bummer. Many of the worst issues are thought to arise from Destiny’s decentralized server arrangement, which leapfrogs partial hosting duties between different players’ consoles. 651 more words


Bungie Explains Destiny 2's Network Model

Bungie explained in detail how Destiny 2’s networking will work compared to the first Destiny.

Many fans were concerned about Destiny 2 not using dedicated servers and sticking to the original networking setup from Destiny 1. 218 more words

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