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Destiny 2 Open Beta Extended Through Tuesday

Bungie announced that the open beta for Destiny 2 has been extended through Tuesday at approximately 6pm PST for additional service testing.  So Destiny fans, keep on enjoying for another day! 81 more words

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Finding My Own Destiny

I’ve been guilty of many things in my life. I have lied, cheated, stole, all in the same day sometimes. One thing though, that I’ve always tried to keep my hands clean of was buying into hype. 833 more words


'Destiny 2' open beta extended to Tuesday evening for PS4, Xbox One

If you didn’t have a chance to check out the Destiny 2 open beta on PS4 or Xbox One this weekend, we have some good news for you. 311 more words


iMonkey Checks Out The D2 Beta

When it came to reviewing Destiny 2’s beta only one name sprung to mind, our resident Destiny Game Captain, #Raidboss and one man wipe machine, iMonkey. 991 more words


D2 Beta Final Thoughts

From my limited perspective, if I were Bungie I’d probably declare the Destiny 2 beta on PS4 a success. It served two major purposes: it was a marketing exercise, like any beta these days in a world almost post-demo. 948 more words


Bungie Addresses Some Common Concerns Regarding the Destiny 2 Beta

The 25th of July is the last day that the Destiny 2 Beta will be live. It has been a long weekend for Guardians all over the world, and an even longer testing week for players who preordered the game. 293 more words

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Destiny 2 Open Beta Impressions

The Destiny 2 beta let us sample just about everything Bungie has to offer: the opening story mission, a strike, old and new crucible modes, and each new subclass.   1,516 more words