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Changes coming to the next Iron Banner

The Iron Banner is just a few short days away from returning, and when it does there are some major changes. What are these changes? 293 more words


Why Destiny: House of Wolves Deserves Your Attention

Destiny. A game that had a metric ton of hype behind it, then sputtered out when it was revealed the content within was sparse at best. 987 more words

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The Good, The Bad, The House of Wolves

May 19th of 2015 may become known as the day that players started hating Bungie just a little bit less.

The House of Wolves not only brings fresh content to… 833 more words

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The Dark Side to New Content

Over the last week, I’ve really been keeping my eyes on the Destiny sub-reddit, both because I like seeing the thoughts of the community on the new content, and also because I know there are people over there who know way more about  366 more words

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Does Destiny Still Hold Up?

For the past two months or so I had finally got around playing Destiny, on PS4, and I got to say that I rather did enjoy the story to the game. 1,089 more words


Destiny's House of Wolves: Week 1 Overview

Week 1 of Destiny’s new House of Wolves DLC has concluded and Destiny fans everywhere have gotten a good feel of the recent changes. Some of these changes are subtle and blend into the existing game, while others expand on Destiny in a whole new way. 2,467 more words


1st Impressions: Destiny's House of Wolves expansion

Let’s start with the big question: It’s been 8 months since the launch of Destiny from Bungie Studios. Is this expansion worth going back to the game? 1,105 more words