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Kawarau Bungy!

We arrived in Queenstown on Sunday to meet up with Tyler’s Aunt Trudy as well as her friends Wayne and Jane they are all travelling through New Zealand and it was very nice to meet up with them!   453 more words

హంసానందిని అంతెత్తు నుంచి కిందకు దూకేసింది

హంసానందిని అంతెత్తు నుంచి కిందకు దూకేసింది

గోడ మీద నుంచి కిందికి దూకాలంటేనే ఒకటికి రెండు సార్లు ఆలోచిస్తాం. అలాంటింది హీరోయిన్ హంసానందిని ఏకంగా కొన్ని వందల అడుగుల ఎత్తు నుంచి కిందికి దూకేసింది. రీసెంట్ గా సోగ్గాడే చిన్ని నాయనలో మరదలిగా అందాలతో….…..Read More…..

When in Queenstown......

Never in my life was bungy jumping EVER on any sort of to do list I could conceive. When it first became popular I immediately filed it in the ‘not for me’ category & it sat in that box gathering dust for years not entering the realms of contemplation. 767 more words


Kawarau Bridge Bungy Jump

Kawarau Bridge is the world’s first bungy site. Bungy jumping came from the ancient tradition of “land diving” by the Vanuatu people in the Pacific. It began commercially available in 1988 by A.J. 131 more words

Jag hoppade!

Igår morse hade jag bokat tid för att hoppa världens högsta bungy jump från en bro. Bron är 216 m hög och man faller ca 160 m beroende på bland annat vikt. 481 more words



So when I was in Australia, I decided I would do everything that there is to do, because I didn’t want to miss anything and the more experiences the better ay! 76 more words


November 22, Day 2 - The Re-experience

After putting my body through yet another famous Wontonmeen shower, I invested a couple hours just hanging out in the communal hammock, letting gentle 75-degree breezes wash across my body. 3,460 more words