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Had enough cosplay? I have another good one for you!

Hi all, want to share with you these awesome Cosplay hats that my friends at Epic Costumes are making. These pink bunny ears are available for sale in their Bonanza shop by clicking the link below. 16 more words


Pink Snoozle- Color

Some heroes are more monstrous than others.

Big Sky

Colored Holding Hands

Allister ended up surprisingly Monochrome, I remarked somewhere else that I was surprised that he didn’t end up with silver eyes.

I want to play in Basil’s hair…

Original Characters

Allister Adventure

I felt like drawing a character named Allister. Then I wanted to draw him with Basil and Ginger. Basil doesn’t really like Allister at all. In fact he hates just about everyone besides probably Ginger and Mama. 33 more words

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Ask this bunny some questions, yo!

Jag tänkte bara slänga ut tråden om att jag använder ask.fm. Ni kan ställa frågor till mig på www.ask.fm/dailycam och jag svarar då och då. Det bästa sättet att hålla koll på när jag svarat är att följa mig på twitter @SVANPRINSESSAN.


So I finally made a cover for my Comic. Now that I’m making the thing, I’m thinking of all the ways it could go and am rather thankful that the world and characters in this thing are rather expansive so that’s good. 77 more words

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Anotherland # 14

Despite me moving my updates to Thursdays since Tomorrow is New Years Day And I will probably be unconscious, I am posing it now. I like how the background came out in this one. 11 more words

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